New England skiing has never been better. Snowmaking technology has almost eliminated the infamous northeastern patch of ice; high-speed quads take you to the peaks in record time; synthetic fibers like capilene, polypro, and polar fleece keep you as warm on the trails as you will be later reclining in a hot tub; and new skis make carving that perfect turn a cinch.

Depending on your level of experience, you have a number of runs to choose from. Try these trails for starters.

Favorite Ski Trails in New England: Waterville Valley

PHOTO: Waterville Valley


With sweeping blue runs like Upper Bobby’s Run and Tippecanoe, Waterville Valley is known as a great resort for novices. Their ski school is top-notch with an average student to teacher ratio of less than 3:1. You will be snowplowing down their bunny hills faster than you can sing the chorus to “Frosty the Snowman.” View lift tickets to Waterville Valley.

Favorite Ski Trails in New England: Okemo

PHOTO: Okemo, Luxury Ski Trips


At Okemo, you can cruise down their long boulevards feeling like the next downhill Olympian. Even their black and mogul runs are challenging, yet doable for intermediate skiers. In the morning, make your way over to the western edge of the ski area to cruise down Off the Rim and Rimrock, which offer excellent vistas of the valley below. Then it’s on to Heaven’s Gate, which never seems crowded, especially after lunch at the waiter-served restaurant, Epic. End your day skiing the trails of Jackson Gore—Blue Moon, Lower Limelight, and the aptly named Tuckered Out. View lift tickets to Okemo.

Favorite Ski Trails in New England: Outer Limits at Killington Resort

PHOTO: Outer Limits at Killington Resort


Maine’s Sunday River has its legendary bump run, White Heat. Killington‘s Outer Limits has buffalo-sized moguls and gut-wrenching pitches every Type-A ski freak dreams about. Mad River Glen‘s Paradise will send shivers down any skilled skier’s spine.

Yet, if you really want to teach the brazen the meaning of respect, peer down at Stowe’s Front Four (Goat, Starr, National, and Liftline). All double diamonds, Starr has a 37-degree pitch, while Lift Line and Goat are narrow serpentine trails. But it’s National that instills panic in most skiers as they look over the lip and quiver, “I think I’m going to try something else.” Smart idea. View lift tickets to Stowe.

Favorite Ski Trails in New England: Paradise at Sugarbush

PHOTO: Paradise at Sugarbush,

Tree Lovers

The nature of New England skiing is flying down serpentine trails around corners, down quick dips, through tight slots, always in the company of trees. On the best trails, the woods surround you as you whiz by a rolling tapestry of maple, oak, birch, spruce, pine, and balsam. That’s why our vote goes to Sugarbush. Paradise, Castlerock and the backcountry runs in between braid through the forest like crazed snakes. View lift tickets to Sugarbush.

What are some of your favorite New England ski trails?

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6 responses to “Favorite Ski Trails in New England”

  1. Sugarloafer89 says:

    And you know what mountain covers all of these categories and then some….? The one and only Sugarloaf! I have visited almost all these other resorts but between Bracket Basin for the woods, the Snowfields and White Nitro for steeps, skiers left on Haul back and Ripsaw for Bumps, and the Westside of the mountain for beginner/intermediate, you can’t beat the King of Spring (any time of the year!) Plus lets be honest, the Sugarloaf Community is like no other.

    • WellAdjustedAndroid says:

      Hells yeah. Grew up getting that early morning perfect cord on Kings Landing to Tote Road. I have done that run SO many times I could do it in my sleep.

  2. eddie says:

    For crazy cruisin’, Waterville’s Sels Choice to competition trail is hard to beat. Fast rollers, stay on edge, push it, look way ahead because you’ll be there in seconds. Your thighs burn, you stop at the bottom smiling. Sheesh, that was great. Time for one more.

  3. CISC Skiing says:

    Racers! What’s your favorite trail to race on in New England?

  4. EJ says:

    Whaleback ski area in Enfield, NH boasts 4 trails that are as steep as anything the East has to offer – Jawbone, Blowhole, Face and YOOYM. YOOYM (Your Out of Your Mind!) is a gladed, natural snow trail, that is steeper than any gladed trail I have ever skied. Whaleback is now owned by a non-profit – Upper Valley Snow Sports Assoc. Come out and support a New England original!

    • Sam Shirley says:

      I agree that Whaleback along with Granite Gorge in Roxbury, NH offer some of the East’s best steep terrain. Patriot Glades and Upper Lftline at GG are some of the most challenging trails I have ever seen.

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