Want to prove to yourself that you won’t enjoy the slopes? Make sure you do the following on your first day skiing or snowboarding. For those who want to make the most of their ski day (and basically have an awesome Winter), you’ll find a “Rock the Slopes” tip included in each section.

  1. Let your love interest teach you.

    Skiing Honeymoon“Ski instructors are just there to make the resort look good with bright smiles and perfect turns.”

    The primary reason people say they hated skiing after one try? They handed their fate to the untrained devices of a significant other. The most common scenario is such: After a run on the bunny hill (if you’re even brought there!), you’ll be ushered to the top of a black diamond and left with the following advice: “If you need to stop, just sit down.” That will be the last run you take—and maybe the last time you speak to your loved one.

    Ski instructors are trained to understand progression, body movement issues, mental barriers and overall ski dynamics. But if you’re looking for an excuse to never ski again, letting your boyfriend or girlfriend teach you will work perfectly.

    *Rock the Slopes: Hop in at least one half-day group lesson (more if you can afford it) and get the basics down.

  2. Wear any ol’ thing.

    nottodo2“Technical clothing is just hype—hey, people stayed alive without it in the 1800s!”

    You want a bitter experience? Grab some cotton clothing and pull it on: tube socks, your favorite team’s hoodie, and a pair of Levis. Slap a baseball cap on the head and you’re prepped for a frigid day on the hill.

    Cotton soaks up water (e.g. sweat and snow) and doesn’t let go of it easily, so the more it snows and the more you sweat or you fall, the more water your cotton garments will absorb. Wet clothes and cold temperatures work together to produce frostbite and hypothermia. Instead, borrow or search Craigslist for suitable clothing that won’t break the bank. Additionally, the snug design of ski boots aims to keep your feet warm without thick socks; adding bulk in boots will morph your feet into lumps of ice. But of course, if you want Jack Frost to nip you at more than your nose, stick with cotton.

    *Rock the Slopes: Layer up on synthetic or wool clothing which move water away from your skin and/or retain their insulation when wet. Keep it slim in the boots with ski-dedicated socks.

  3. Claim the couch potato lifestyle

    nottodo3“With all the falls I’m gonna take, sitting will be good practice.”

    A look at any pro-skier’s physique will instantly reveal that the use of core, glutes and thighs are a big part of skiing. You don’t need to be in terrific shape to enjoy your first day on the snow, but a bit of exercise certainly helps with coordination and stamina. However, if you’re planning to fall as much as possible, go ahead and mold the couch cushions to your backside.

    *Rock the Slopes: Lunges and squats will assist in readying your legs while your core (and stability skills) will benefit from exercises on a medicine ball. Blending in high-intensity sprints with rest periods in between simulates skiing’s active ski time interspersed with lift rides.

  4. Be prideful

    nottodo4“If I don’t take myself seriously, who will?”

    Falling is totally uncool—if you can’t laugh about it. Attitudes affect both your day and your crews’, so lighten up! No one cares if you take a few spills (or a lot); even the most advanced skiers fall. As the saying goes: If you’re not falling, you’re not learning. Of course, if you’re stuck on sour, just remind yourself that everyone’s watching your performance. After all, you are the center of everyone’s ski day.

    *Rock the Slopes: Other skiers aren’t judging you, so take it easy on yourself. No one was born with skis on their feet. Bottom line: Skiing is a playful sport—it goes great with a smile.

Know of a great way to ruin an otherwise perfect sport? Add your thoughts in the comments!

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10 responses to “How Not to Spend Your First Day Skiing”

  1. braveskimom says:

    Nicely done, Gina! Especially the end. Skiing does go great with a smile!

  2. FreshyMap says:

    “Let your love interest teach you”!!! hahaha, jesus that’s so true.

  3. @ginabegin says:

    Has got to be the biggest pitfall in learning to ski. Almost every bad story I’ve heard as a ski instructor started with, “My boyfriend took me skiing…”

  4. Swisssister 2 says:

    Very funny, insightful and witty!

  5. toomanybills says:

    “Falling is uncool” – are you kidding me? Every ski racer and pro falls. If you’re not falling, you’re spending too much time worrying about falling and not enough time improving your skills. Learn how to fall then you’ll push yourself to your uncomfort zone and then you’ll advance.

    “Wear any old thing” I call BS. Skiing is expensive. For a beginner, why invest in “technical” clothing when you don’t even know if you’ll like the sport. Yeah, wear cotton, you’re gonna be close to the lodge anyways. Just bring another pair of jeans.

  6. toomanybills says:

    If skiing isn’t fun, why do it?

  7. Jerry T says:

    Something difficult to try and master. Learning isn’t fun, at least not the first day on the slopes.

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