Socks? Scented candles? The funny gift that’s not actually funny? Let’s face it. At one time or another, we’ve all received gifts we weren’t too thrilled about.

This year, we’re making it easy to give your family and friends something they’ll actually enjoy. When you give the Gift of Ski, you’re also giving adventure, fresh mountain air, and powder days. And who wouldn’t want that?

Give Two Ways This Holiday Season

With 250+ North American resorts to choose from, you can purchase a date-specific lift ticket and/or load up a gift card for all those on your holiday shopping list.

Buying a date-specific lift ticket is perfect when you know which dates you’ll be up on the mountain (how about that trip you’ve already planned for in the next few months?). If you’re worried your trip details may change (or maybe you just have commitment issues), some resorts even offer Value Plus and Flexible tickets, giving you the ability to change your ticket date up to a few days before your arrival. Search for lift tickets now.

Don’t have specific dates in mind? Get a gift card, in any amount from $5 to $1000. With no extra fees or expiration dates, send the gift card digitally or print it out and your giftee can head to the snow on whatever date is right for them. Buy your gift card now.

PHOTO: Revelstoke/Royce Sihlis Photography

PHOTO: Revelstoke/Royce Sihlis Photography

The Gift of Ski is perfect for…

1. Your ski bum buddy.

There’s nothing that a ski bum wants more than to, obviously, ski (or snowboard). This one’s a no-brainer!

2. The friend who’s always wanted to learn how.

You know that one friend who is repeatedly saying, “I wish I could do that!” every time you share your mountain stories with him or her? Make your friend’s dreams come true with a lesson or two this year. If your friend crushes it and goes pro, you’ll have eternal bragging rights on being the person behind it all.

3. Your buddy who’s made the resolution to ski x days this season.

Surprise your friend with another day (or two or three) to help check this off his or her bucket list. Nothing says true friendship better than being the cheerleader (or hype man) needed to reach his or her goals on the slopes.

4. Your soon-to-be mountain buddy.

Maybe YOU’RE the one who’s made the resolution to ski x number of days, but you can never seem to convince your buddies to go as frequently as you’d like. When you give the Gift of Ski, you’re also gifting yourself a guaranteed mountain buddy. Everybody wins.

5. The friend who’s always used the excuse, “It’s too expensive,” to bail out of ski trips.

Boom! No more excuses. To the mountain you go!

6. Your shredding mom & dad.

Your parents are the ones who not only taught you how to click/strap in, but also how to rock that onesie with style. You’ve heard stories about how they used to shred hard in their heydays, but since then they’ve donned their knitted, mom-and-dad sweaters and let you shine in the spotlight. Take them back to their golden days with the Gift of Ski. For bonus points, throw some neon one-pieces and mullet wigs into their stockings too!

7. The friend who swears he’s never, EVER going to go skiing or snowboarding again.

Ok, so maybe this person took more face plants and tumbles than either of you guys thought was humanly possible on your last trip. But deep down, you know this person could come around (and maybe even love) the sport if he/she could just get at least one good run in. Give him/her that chance. This person will thank you later.

So go ahead, cross those names off your holiday shopping list and start giving the Gift of Ski.

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