Spring is a bittersweet time of year. Yes, the skiing can be amazing and enjoying après on a deck is perhaps the most perfect experience ever, but these bucolic days also signal the end of ski season. It’s almost time to put away the boards and skis and break out the bikes or rafts or golf clubs or whatever it is that you do in the months between seasons.

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However, just because the lifts hit pause and the snow starts to melt, you don’t have to ignore your love of skiing and snowboarding. By infusing your living space with ski-inspired décor and clever reminders (no antlers necessary), you can keep the joy of a day on the slopes alive throughout the year.

1. Ski Patent Poster Set

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

This collection of nine prints shows the schematics of some of our favorite gear: goggles, ski lifts, skis and poles. Available on various color backgrounds (the black is quite eye-catching), these prints are anything but clichéd.

2. Ski Sheets

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

Know how to get a good night’s sleep? Lay your little head on these comfy sheets patterned with skiers swooshing down the mountain that is your bed. They may not make you a better skier, but you’re sure to have sweet dreams.

3. Snowboarding Duvet

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

Perhaps subtle isn’t your strong suit. If you want to ensure that there is no confusion as to your preferred sport, consider this duvet cover and shams. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

4. Modern Trail Map Art

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

 Though you may visit many resorts and ski many lines, there is always one that stays close to your heart. Maybe it’s where you learned to ski, or perhaps it’s that bucket list destination that you finally checked off last season. With these modern trail map prints, you’ll have a visually arresting reminder of the joys of winter, year-round.

5. Skiing I Do

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

When you get married, it can mean making compromises. But you know what can’t be comprised? Skiing. Be sure that your intentions are clear with these wedding toppers. Though your significant other should already be aware of your priorities, these cute figures will ensure that all of your guests are informed, too.

6. Ski Lift Wall Decal

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

Everyone loves stickers—just give some to a five year old and watch them go wild. But, as adults, the opportunity to use stickers is few and far between. Enter the wall decal: a giant sticker that you carefully affix to your wall, creating a conversation piece and (not so subtly) illustrating your love of skiing. Can also be affixed to the back windshield of your car, if you so desire.*

*Please do not apply to your windshield if it limits your ability to see out—we don’t want to cause any accidents.

7. Ski Glasses

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

You know what’s better than drinking a tasty, handcrafted cocktail? Drinking one out of a glass that’s been etched with a pair of skis. From highballs to martinis to a classy glass of white zinfandel, this collection of glassware might even elevate your Natty Light to a work of art.

8. Ski Pole Plunger

8 Home Décor Items that Celebrate Your Love of Snow

For the truly avid skier, there is no place in the home where you do not think about skiing. From the kitchen (fueling up for the day) to the garage (get the gear ready) to the bedroom (beauty rest is essential), the hard-core skier constantly contemplates the sport—even in the bathroom. Sure, you’ll keep your SKI magazines handy for reading material, but why not go even farther? These ski pole plungers are perfect for rectifying messy situations, just like they do on the slopes.

These are just a few ideas to help you infuse some skiing into your summer life. What are your favorite ways to keep the sport alive in the non-snow months?

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