We recently shared a post featuring ways to warm up or chow down without going into the ski lodge. Using your car as a homebase for snacks was mentioned more than once, but this time, we’re focused specifically on how to apres in the parking lot. Since it’s likely that capacity in bars will be extremely limited or non-existent, it’s time to get creative to enjoy your post-ski beer, shot-ski, or other beverage of choice quick $100 loan. If you’re feeling wild, be sure to give the hotdogs with cream cheese and hot sauce we mentioned in our previous post a try. We hear they are a nice accompaniment to the shotski.

While of course you can stash a few beers in the back and call it good, we’re taking it to the next level. Here’s what you’ll need for the full experience:

Items Needed:

  1. Cooler with drinks – Lots of options here, but the Yeti coolers are pretty awesome, and promise to withstand snow, sun, and even bears! In addition to beers, you should also probably have some non-alcoholic options in the cooler, because you might be dehydrated after a day at altitude. Safety first ya’ll!
  2. Beanie – For keeping the ‘noggin warm after the helmet has come off.
  3. DIY Shotski* – More information below.
  4. 4 shot glasses – For the above shotski.
  5. 3 Friends – To join you, and use the four shot glasses on the DIY shotski. Please designate one of your friends to drive, even if this means they need to shotski with water from #1.

To get your apres ski party started, be sure to gather the five items above. If you can’t find them all, shoot for #1 and #5. 

(He should not be the driver)

*Instructions below

DIY Shotski Instructions

(Adapted from our June 4, 2018 post by Katie Coakley)

While putting this post together, I read a couple (ok, maybe more than a couple) of posts across the internet on how to build your own shotski. Gosh, they were complicated for someone like me! I don’t have a garage, a drill, a lot of space, or building skills. So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we already had a tutorial on our blog from back in the day (yes, 2018 is back in the day) on how to make a shotski in an easier way. The technique Katie proposes is definitely the best and easiest. Why? No drill required. And magnets! Fun!

займ на карту быстро без отказа

Here is what you’ll need:

  • An old ski: hopefully this is something you can find for free. Ask around, and check recycling areas at resorts.
  • A Sharpie®: as they say, measure seven times, cut once
  • Shot glasses (4): for the drinking
  • Two packages (4 in each package) of extra strength circle magnets
  • One package of Gorilla Glue’s Gorilla Grip
  • Liquor of choice (For the shooting)
PHOTO CREDIT: Katie Coakley

Assembly instructions:

  1. Find an old ski (longer the better, for social distancing), and remove the binding
  2. Find a good workspace for your super cool project
  3. If math is your strong suit, measure the length of the ski, and divide that measurement by four. Then measure widthwise and divide in half. Using the Sharpie®, use the length measurement to mark every quarter length of the ski with a small tick, using the width measurement to place each mark in the center of the ski. Make sure none of the dots end up on the curved part of the ski, otherwise you’re likely to have your ‘liquor of choice’ spilled down your ski jacket.
  4. If math isn’t your thing, eyeball four spots along the ski for your shot glasses, and mark them. 
  5. Apply the glue to the base of the shot glasses. Read the directions as some glue likes a bit of air to get its super-strong grip going.
  6. Attach a circular, heavy duty magnet to the base of each shot glass. Let dry. 
  7. Apply the heavy-duty glue to the remaining four magnets**, then affix the magnets to the locations you marked on the ski. Let dry.
  8. Place each shot glass onto the magnets on the ski.
  9. Gather your friends. Fill each shot glass with your beverage of choice. Clear liquids are easier to get out of your clothing
  10. Deploy the shot ski. Repeat as necessary.

You’re welcome. Let us know how it goes.

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