What happens when you go big and commit to what you want to see yourself become? Izzy Lynch accomplished this when her career as a professional freeskier took off. You may have recognized this talented Revelstoke-ian from Sherpas Cinema’s “Into the Mind,” in ads for Giro helmets, or as a coach at women-specific camps like Bhumi or Girls Do Ski.

Izzy Lynch

Photo Credit- Mike Basher

The powerful skiing of Izzy Lynch, mixed with her business acumen, has graced her with opportunities to travel internationally and work for companies including Sherpas Cinema, Backcountry Lodges of BC and the non-profit, Live it! Love It! Foundation. I had a chance in between chairlift rides at Revelstoke Mountain Resort to ask Izzy what it’s like to follow your dreams and inspire others (especially those that are also female freeskiers) to do it too.


How was today?

Best runs of my life. It’s only day three at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and it feels like its mid-winter. I can’t get over the waist deep powder, no lines, and skiing with my best friends.


Why Revelstoke?

 I came for the snow, but stayed because of the people. There are endless opportunities to explore the surrounding mountains and learn from all the professionals based in Revelstoke.

Izzy Lynch

Photo Credit- Mike Basher

Last season was a big one for you. What were your proudest moments?

 There were two big events: Skiing in Alaska—I have never been so nervous and more exhilarated to ski big lines and large spines—and working with a team to develop an adaptive ski program at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.


Scariest part of your season?

 Dropping my first blind roll in Alaska – you have a taste of something bigger and more intense. It was different, cool and felt good; pushed the threshold.


What has been your greatest struggle?

Wanting to film but meeting resistance. I’ve had to learn to be patient and trust that things will align so I can accomplish my goals.

Izzy Lynch

Photo Credit- Mike Basher

Are you following your dreams?

Yes, I’m living life in the mountains! I had expectations for my life, but I recently realized that life has gone beyond my perceived expectations and it’s amazing. I’m so pumped for skiing and adventuring in all aspects of my life.


What can you do to prep for a freeski camp?

Keep your overall level of activity up, focus on your core activities and stretch. I’ve also learned to get some vitamin D and take a break to maintain balance. The best way to prep for skiing is to get out on your skis. I always try to ski from the top to the bottom. If you feel your legs burning, you’re doing the right thing, physically and mentally.


Why should females take a freeski camp?

Camps are an amazing platform for females to progress and push personal limits. You get introduced to an atmosphere where everyone is dealing with things like fear, strength and skill, and you work together to face these challenges. Also, girls are fun and, as Tessa Treadway always says, “They pack better snacks.”

Izzy Lynch

Photo Credit- Robin O’Neill

What changes have you seen in female freeskiing?

There are a lot more opportunities, more exposure and the level of skiing is increasing due to a push from the younger generations.


Which female freeskier inspires you?

Ingrid Backstrom, Lynsey Dyer, and Rachel Burkes. All these ladies have weathered the storm, faced adversity, but overall, it’s their love for the sport that I admire. Locally, in Revelstoke, there is a large community of mountain athletes including free skiers, climbers and guides who have shown me what’s possible in the mountains and have been great mentors.


Girls Do Ski freeski camps? Why are you apart of it?

Because it’s a movement, all ages and abilities come together to improve and connect. I’m super charged by the positive energy at every camp and mostly, it’s sweet for me because I get to reconnect with the coaches.


Where can we see you this next season?

Filming for the all-female ski film, “Pretty Faces,” and coaching at Girls Do Ski.

Izzy Lynch

Photo Credit- Robin O’Neill

Rapid Fire:

Describe your perfect Backcountry day.

Bluebird powder in the Monashees Mountains with the Revelstoke crew.


Your favorite jam?



Most inspirational skier to you?

Momma Lynch.


Alternative lifestyle to the one you currently have?

Surfer girl in El Salvador.


Your happiest moment in the last month?

Splashing around in the waves in El Salvador.


If you could rename Sherpas Cinema it would be ______:

Workhorse Cinema.


What is smallest line you have ever skied?

Off the sauna, six inches to my face.

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