Welcome 2019! Now that the calendar has shifted to January, we are so excited to say – It’s Learn to Ski or Snowboard Month!

Here at Liftopia, we have a lot of passion and love for the mountains, and what could be better than sharing it with our friends/family? Which is why we are stoked on Learn to Ski or Snowboard Month!

PHOTO CREDIT: Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows

What is Learn to Ski or Snowboard Month?

Glad you asked! Learn to Ski or Snowboard Month encourages newcomers (or those who took a break from skiing, it’s ok – we forgive you) to get to the mountain and take a lesson! It’s a way better experience getting a lesson from a professional than friends or a spouse.

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Why do I Need to Take a Lesson? Why Can’t My Friends/Spouse Teach Me?

Let’s start off with this — it’s almost never a good idea to take a lesson from your friends or spouse. Especially a spouse! Trust me. A trained instructor will have the experience and patience to work on fundamentals and go through the basics. It’s their job and they are good at it! You should be aiming to create a good base of skills so you can safely enjoy the sport that we all love. Plus you might meet some new friends while learning. If you want private instruction, there are options for one-on-one instruction at most resorts.

Liftopia Experiences is a Great Place to Start

If you are new to the mountain, or if you are trying to get your friends to share your passion for skiing, Liftopia Experiences is a great place to start. Round-trip transportation on luxury coaches to the mountain and with convenient pickup locations in 20 cities across North America, and with Learn to Ski/Snowboard packages available, Liftopia Experiences is THE way to enjoy Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. If you wanted to get started, Liftopia Experiences Ski Bus can provide you round-trip transportation, lift ticket with options for adding lessons and rentals. It’s a great package deal to get out of the city and access the mountains!

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National Learn to Ski or Snowboard Day Celebration

The “National Learn to Ski or Snowboard Day Celebration” on Friday, January 11, 2019. The hope is to set a NEW record for the most beginner lessons taught in one day. The current record is 6,000. Let’s go for the record!

Still not convinced? Here are some tips for first-time riders/skiers that might help get you over the hump.

See you on the slopes!

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  1. I had a great time at Mount Brighton today!

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