The temperatures are dropping, the flakes are starting to fall, and the ski season will be upon us full-force in a matter of weeks. We’ve been ready and waiting for this since the last snowflakes melted in the Spring, and the anticipation is palpable for industry folks, skiers and snowboarders alike.

I’ve had the good fortune of witnessing this growing enthusiasm first-hand – I’ve spent the past two months traveling North America with other members of the Liftopia crew, exhibiting at seven consumer ski & snowboard expos and throwing parties in five cities for our friends, fans and partners. We’ve spread the word about Liftopia, we’ve given out shwag far and wide in the form of gift cards, slap koozies, stickers and sweatbands, and we’ve connected with our fans and customers in the flesh.

Our new set of slap koozies!

Needless to say, these past several weeks have been a whirlwind, but I can’t begin to express how valuable, fun and informative they’ve been. I joined the Liftopia team as the new Social Media Manager in early September, just when things were starting to heat up in our San Francisco office; we had recently launched The Mountain Collective Pass, hundreds of resorts were starting to load inventory on, and some ski areas were already seeing snow.

The Liftopia crew hits up the Boston show!

As incredible as it was to get to know our social media audience online during those first few weeks, it has been even better getting to know them in person through these consumer shows and parties. Here are just a few of the highlights from the past couple of months.

I met our first official Shot of the Week winner at our New York City party at Latitude Bar & Grill! He was pretty excited about his vintage and new GNAR Liftopia slap koozies and sweatbands.

William, Liftopia's first Shot of the Week winner!
I met a boy at the Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo whose family loved Liftopia so much that they felt compelled to give our sticker prime real estate placement on his forehead!
Boy sports Liftopia sticker on his forehead.
I was able to connect with some of our Twitter followers at the parties. They tweeted up a storm and shared pictures before, during and after the events.  John, known as JohnnyStartup on Twitter, can seen below cozying his new slap koozie at The Vault.
John with a Liftopia koozie at the Boston Party!
We added some fun, new, techie shwag to the roster this year.  Pete, shown below, is digging his new iPhone 5 case at the Boston show!
Pete holding his new iPhone 5 case at the Boston show!
It was great to connect with people who were already familiar with Liftopia, but even better to tell people about Liftopia for the first time. You’re able to see and feel their excitement as they mull over the possibilities. Multiple day trips to a favorite local mountain with friends and family? Sure thing. Crossing a dream ski destination off of the list this season? Why not?

Liftopia stickers galore!
Overall, these shows and parties have set the tone for the upcoming season; excitement, anticipation, and hopes for above average snowfall are in the air. It’s shaping up to be a good one! Didn’t catch a show or party this year? Don’t worry – we’ll be at it again next Fall. Cheers, and we’ll see you on the slopes!

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