Over the last 10 years, Liftopia has helped customers find great prices for lift tickets in exchange for committing to ski dates in advance.

Because many customers have told us that they would also love access to lift tickets last minute, we started testing same day ticket sales, allowing customers to find tickets the morning they are thinking about that last-minute day on the hill. This year, we are proud to have have over 80 ski areas across North America offering same-day lift tickets on

Save up to 80% on lift tickets at

While the prices are nothing like what are available months and weeks in advance, generally there is a reward for purchasing online. This means that those of us who need an extra push (when we otherwise might sleep in) can now get another day on the snow by seeing what is available same-day. In addition, buying in advance before heading to the hill means a faster redemption process when arriving at the ticket window.

Same-day lift ticket purchases on will save your day if…

1. You need that extra push after a long night.

Last minute lift tickets now available on!

We’ve all been there –  You’re out until last call, you aren’t feeling too hot, but you know for sure you’ll feel better getting some wind in your hair.

2. You’re the ultimate procrastinator.

Last minute lift tickets now available on!

You just haven’t figured out where you want to go skiing today. No sweat, search Liftopia for one of the 80 ski areas with same day tickets available to nail down your decision. Next time you’ll save by buying farther in advance.

3. You want to get on the hill more quickly.

Last minute lift tickets now available on!

Spend more time skiing and less time at the ticket window. Buying online usually means a faster redemption process when you get to the resort.

We get it… Sometimes you just can’t plan in advance and it is easy to pick up your phone to nail down your last minute plans. As always, you’ll save a bunch more money the further in advance you buy, but if you haven’t yet figured out where you are going to go today, you can find a great option on!

Save up to 80% on lift tickets at

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