Working in the ski industry, it is easy to forget how we all got here.  At some point in the past, whether it be a year ago or 50 years ago each of us took the first step to change our identity, become something new.  Because that first time when each of us strapped on some boots and jumped on some skis or on a snowboard we were able to check a box previously empty.  For me personally this meant that one day in 1988 at Bradford Ski Area in Groveland, MA I was able to say “I am a skier”.  I only later realized I’d need to reinforce my gloves with duct tape to continue my obsessive use of the rope tow…

For some it is becoming a skier, others a snowboarder, but either way it means something much more exciting than “I use toothpaste”… And let’s be honest, no one ever says “I am a die hard car renter”.  This is because skiing (and snowboarding) is special.  For me personally, I “do” many things, but I AM a skier.

Evan learns to ski - Attitash, 1989

The author hoining his skills in awkward neon pants at Attitash circa ’89

So as we tick into January, which is National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, we have an amazing opportunity to invite friends and family into fundamentally changing their lives for the better.  As we force ourselves to remember our first times on the hill (first rope tow, first T-bar, first pizza and French fries, first yard sale) we can help others start to form similar lifelong memories.

For those of you who have friends that always say, “I really want to learn to ski” this is a great time to help them to do so.  Ski resorts all over North America are offering Learn to Ski and Snowboard packages for incredible prices.  Why such great prices?  Well if you are reading this you are likely a skier or snowboarder, and you also know that once you get a taste you are hooked for life.

So why not share this incredible identity with friends, family, loved ones and even strangers.  You never know who your next powder day partner is going to be…

Here is a link to 50+ ski resorts with Learn to Ski/Learn to Snowboard packages for as little as $29.   If you can’t find your favorite resort, perhaps suggest your friends try a new one, or give the resort a call directly and they’ll be able help get your friends/family out on the hill.

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