In the 14 years that Liftopia has been around, we’ve sent millions of people to ski areas in the winter time. Along the way, we’ve spent countless hours flying, driving (even “train-ing”) from mountain town to mountain town, and have been fortunate enough to experience of hundreds of different mountain communities.

A few interesting things about almost every community we’ve encountered, – is that each one is about so much more than just the ski area. The souls of the communities are defined by the people in them, with ski area employees, small business owners, artists, craftspeople and other characters contributing largely to the reason we end up recommending one ski destination over another to our friends and family. One thing that we hear constantly when we ask various flavors of ski aficionados, from die-hards to weekend warriors, about how they arrived in their community, is that they “came for the winter, and stayed for the summer”, a common phrase that highlights how special the hills and mountains are at all times of year.

$500 in Liftopia Credit and Wagner Custom Skis

So with that, we’re excited to announce our Liftopia Locals summer Instagram contest. The goal of this contest is to shine a light on ski communities by highlighting the hills, mountains and the communities when no one is skiing or snowboarding. The winners (yes, several!) of this contest will be those who best showcase the souls of the communities they love the most, through photography and storytelling on Instagram during the summer months. We at Liftopia love skiing (and snowboarding), but we have also grown to their communities year round. We hope to share more reasons why everyone should head to the mountains at all times of year.

We have a pretty phenomenal grand prize, including $500 in Liftopia credit, a pair of Wagner custom skis (or snowboard), and a Liftopia Essentials Pack (Liftopia-ized Big Truck hat, water bottle, beanie, and Cotopaxi hip pack).

In addition, because we anticipate this will be a tough competition, 10 runners up will win $50 in Liftopia credit and the Liftopia Essentials Pack listed above.

A quick snapshot of how the contest works:

  • Follow Liftopia on Instagram
  • Show your love for, and why your mountain community is amazing in the summertime through photography and storytelling on Instagram between July 8, 2019 and September 9, 2019. Keep a welcoming attitude – your photos should welcome everyone, new and old to the mountains at all times of year
  • Hashtag your photos with #liftopialocals and anything else relevant to your photography or community that you think makes your case
  • On September 9, 2019 Liftopia will select a list of finalists.  Photos from the finalists from the #liftopialocals contest will be open for votes between September 9, 2019 and September 22, 2019
  • On September 23, 2019 the winner will be announced and will be given the opportunity to write an op-ed piece about their community on this very blog (in addition to the grand prize)

We’re looking forward to seeing what places are most special to you, so we can discover them ourselves.

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