This season has been interesting.  Strange weather all over, Tahoe winter arriving in March (check out Team Liftopia adorned in trash bags below), lots of snow for our friends up in Canada, and all of you making the most of the fluffy white stuff…

weather this winter, liftopia in tahoe

What has been most promising through the “difficult” season is that you Liftopians continue to get out and ski/snowboard. After all, the mountains are fun regardless of what the weatherman says.

Let’s take a look at your ski/snowboard season so far… Man, you want to ski more! In fact demand for skiing on Liftopia so far this season has increased by over 63%, and you have already searched for tickets 3 million times!  Take a look below at when you are most interested in going skiing relative to last season.



Can you guess where people want to ski the most?  From a search volume perspective New England slightly edges out Colorado. Being a MA guy myself, I know how much we New Englanders love our skiing, and the numbers prove it.



Not surprisingly, those of you who ski in the Whites and the Greens search a bit less midweek compared to those of you who head to the slopes in Colorado. This is primarily due to many of you flying in to Colorado for longer periods of time while day skiing is more popular in New England.

People were skiing everywhere this season though.  Did you know that once this season there were 5,000 of you skiing on the same day?  Now that is cool. I hope you gave each other a high five or flashed some super sweet Liftopian hand signal we at the HQ don’t even know about yet.

I have to congratulate those of you who successfully faked sickness to head to the mountains during Play Hooky and Go Ski Week. There were more of you Liftopians skiing the week of March 5th-9th than any other midweek period of the entire season. Seems about 15,000 of you may have used my tips on how to get away with skipping work to go ski midweek.



One last thing that we have learned is that you are already thinking about skiing next season, as you have searched for lift tickets ten thousand times for ski dates in 2012/2013.  Next year is going to be sick.  Seriously.  Until then who’s doing some spring skiing this weekend?

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One response to “You Liftopians Are Die Hard: The Weather This Winter”

  1. Dana says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been paying full fare for lift tickets when I don’t ski at Mt. Rose (where I have a pass). HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU????

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