Earlier this summer we moved the Liftopia offices from the SOMA (South of Market) neighborhood of San Francisco to the Financial District. This was a huge step for us as a company and we’re totally pumped about our new, larger digs.

Evan and I started Liftopia out of our homes in 2005 and our first true office, while great (and by great I mean cinder block walls and no ventilation), no longer held our growing staff. We now have 15 plus employees and we’re adding more team members weekly. The first thing we did before moving in was tear down all of the cubes and walls. The new space is wide open so our developers, marketing, customer service, and account management teams can easily work together and everyone’s in the loop about what is going on in each department.

The landlord of our building is involved with the 1:AM Gallery, located just down the street from us. 1:AM is short for First Amendment and the gallery showcases local artists with an emphasis on graffiti art and freedom of speech. He connected us with several graffiti artists who came in and created ski-inspired murals around the office.  Now our offices not only fit our team, but also better reflect the company culture and style.

Check out some of the photos of the new space below.

The entrance to Liftopia Office in San Francisco, CA.


Team gathering by TV in casual area

Casual gathering area by the TV


Graffiti mural on Lifotpia HQ walls

Mountain mural in our small conference room

Open lighting in Liftopia HQ

Lots of light and open spaces to foster teamwork




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