At Liftopia, we’ve always aimed to improve accessibility to the mountains for our customers. For the past 13 years, we’ve worked closely with our ski area partners to help them price more efficiently in order to help customers like you access the mountains more affordably (buy in advance and save!). We’ve spent years helping people understand how much it costs to ski (not as much as you think if you know how to shop!). We’ve worked hard to help people find their new favorite ski area by shining a light on smaller ski areas in fair terms with amazing larger, well known brands. We’ve also spent many years partnering with National Learn to Ski & Snowboard program to promote growth in our sport through learn to ski month and generally lower the bar so newcomers  know that the mountains are for them, too.

But the barrier to entry to skiing is not just about price. As more and more people live in cities, many of whom don’t have a car, figuring out how to just get to the mountains becomes a hurdle of its own. While some of us like doing donuts in snowy parking lots, some people just don’t want to take the risk of driving in snow, and many more perhaps want to enjoy a beverage or two after hitting the slopes (responsibly, of course). Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else dealt with the details?

These are some of the reasons we are introducing Liftopia Experiences. Our goal is to offer an easy, seamless way for skiers of all levels to experience the mountains. From booking a trip online, to hitting the slopes, our team aims to simplify the ski experience, so customers can focus on enjoying their time outdoors.

Liftopia Experiences feature transportation in luxury coaches to nearby ski resorts, with a focus on introducing newcomers to mountain sports and an overall high-quality experience. Specially-trained mountain experts, Liftopia Hosts, provide guidance from where to pick up rentals, getting to lesson areas, to insider knowledge on the best slopes for all skill levels.

Liberty Mountain

Weekly Liftopia Experiences trips through March 2019 include:




For everyone who loves skiing, snowboarding or just being in the mountains – we know how much it means to get outside with family and friends. With this program we’re working hard to open up what we love to many more people, and make the overall experience of visiting the mountains even better for anyone.

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