Love to ski bumps? So do we, so this fall we went in search of “North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs.”

Although hardly scientific, we put out calls on social media asking skiers and snowboarders to name their favorite bump runs. We didn’t specify if the runs had to be hardest, or the longest or the most famous bump runs. We just wanted to start a list and start a discussion.

Here’s what we found out.

Colorado Rules

When it comes to moguls, skiers and riders love Colorado.

In particular they love Winter Park’s Mary Jane Territory. Without a doubt, the runs at Mary Jane received the most mentions. Some people qualified their nominations: “Mary Jane front side has the best bumps – until they turn into Volkswagens,” wrote one skier.

North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs: Winter Park

PHOTO: Winter Park Resort

Others were quite specific, noting, “Any of the runs off of Derailleur are good for heart-throbbing bumps. For a perfect practice bump run, Over ‘n Underwood on the Winter Park side will serve you well.”

Vail was right on the heels (or would that be back bindings?) of Mary Jane. Prima into Pronto and Highline both were mentioned, along with Look Ma.

Not surprisingly, Pallavicini at Arapahoe Basin has very loyal supporters, while White Out, Storm Peak and Nelson’s at Steamboat, along with runs on Beaver Creek’s Grouse Mountain also made the list.

North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs: Arapahoe Basin

PHOTO: Arapahoe Basin

The West: Gunbarrel and More

Moving west, we skipped right over Utah, a state that, surprisingly, did not get one mention. Or maybe that’s not surprising. I have a Salt Lake-based friend who claims that Utah doesn’t have bumps, because the mountains get so much snow.

California, however, has bumps, most famously the bumps on Heavenly’s Gunbarrel. Each spring skiers compete in the Gunbarrel 25, attempting laps down this steep and deep face, before their legs turn to jelly.

North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs: Heavenly

PHOTO: Heavenly Mountain Resort

Other notable mogul runs near Lake Tahoe include an intermediate option at Heavenly called the Little Dipper, Sierra-At-Tahoe’s Dynamite, and Lookout Janek at Kirkwood.

Squaw Valley’s famous KT 22 was also nominated – all of the terrain, not any particular run.

Northern Bumps: Canada West to East

Bumps at Whistler Blackcomb? You’d better believe it. According to our poll, In Deep, Gear Jammer and Gnarly Knots are three of the many runs worth mentioning.

Moving east to Alberta, check out Mt. Norquay. As one person put it, “Don’t forget anything off the North American lift. Bumps, bumps, bumps – and they get bigger all season. It is some of the steepest, bumpiest terrain out there.”

North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs: Mt Norquay

PHOTO: Banff Norquay

Mogul skiing in French is “ski de bosses” and there are plenty of bosses in Québec. At Mont-Sainte-Anne, near Québec City, the twin runs La S and La Super S were nominated, although only La S is guaranteed to have moguls. La Super S is often groomed.

Another bump run to look for when you’re skiing en français, is Sous Bois at Mont Sutton.

North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs: Mont Sainte Anne

PHOTO: Mont Sainte Anne

The East: Big Mountains, Little Mountains

Although Killington received, by far, the most shouts in the East, it was interesting to see how many bump skiers love the runs at the region’s many smaller mountains.

Starting with Killington, it’s no surprise that the “beast of the East” has some beastly bumps, especially on Outer Limits, home of the annual Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge. With a bit less pitch, but still plenty of moguls, Superstar was Killington’s runner-up.

North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs: Killington Outer-Limits

PHOTO: Killington Resort

Elsewhere in Vermont, Organgrinder and Lower F.I.S. at Sugarbush were noted for a mix for bumps and grooming. In Maine, Shock Wave at Sunday River was nominated for best bump run in springtime.

As for the smaller mountains, one respondent called Belleayre in New York’s Catskill Mountains, “the best place to learn to ski bumps,” citing short runs of “progressive difficulty right next to each other.”

North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs: Belleayre 2

PHOTO: Belleayre Mountain Ski Center

Northface at Plattekill and Annapurna at Hunter Mountain, both in New York, also made the list, along with True Grit at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.

Build Our List

As mentioned above, there was nothing scientific about this poll. Our goal was to start a list and keep it going as we build the stoke for winter.

So please, help us out. Nominate your favorite bump run, let us know what we missed and also, let’s find some moguls in Utah. You just know they’re out there.

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23 responses to “North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs”

  1. Karen says:

    Deer Valley – White Owl is the mogul run for the Freestyle World Cup

    • Kristen Lummis says:

      Thank you Karen! I knew there had to be a run (and many more!) in Utah and White Owl is a tremendous suggestion. Cheers!

  2. Brian says:

    I’ve patrolled at Winter Park and Mary Jane. Don’t let the “Volkswagen” snark detour you. MJ has the best bumps bar none. Yes, the bumps on the trails off skier’s right of Derailer can get big, but the consistently best, uniform, medium-sized bumps on the mountain that hold their shape for a long period of time are often on Sterling Way and Golden Spike. Drunken Frenchman also holds its bumps very well too. And good job giving a nod to Over-n-Underwood too. You’ll find great bumps but never a “Volkswagen” there. And if you’re just getting into the bumps, check out skier’s right on Cranmer and then Lower Roundhouse. Could go on and on, there are so many good bump runs at Winter Park and Mary Jane. If this page were fairly comparing individual runs, half the write-up would need to be given to MJ.

    • Kristen Lummis says:

      Brian, I so appreciate your elaboration! And you’re right, this was not at all objective or probably a fair comparison. But it does start a conversation and your input is super valuable. Cheers!

  3. Mike says:

    No mention of Mad River Glen in the east?!? The mountain may be tiny by comparison to The Beast but the moguls their are unreal. I do love skiing at Mary Jane though.

  4. Alex says:

    I have skied many of the runs out west, but grew up skiing Mary Jane (since the mid 80’s). I also helped build and work the mogul course on Champion (White Owl was/is the aerials course) at Deer Valley from 1998-2002 and the Olympics. Drunken Frenchman, Outhouse, even the WP runs Balch and Retta’s Run are ALL much steeper and longer than anything in UT. I have heard that there are some good runs at Snowbird, but Utah gets too much snow, too often, too have GREAT bumps. (A wonderful problem for them to have!)

    Also, what about Telluride? Peak 10 at Breck? Alpine lift at Copper Mountain? Colorado is really FULL of good moguls, but MY home mountain at Winter Park/Mary Jane is King. The popular slogan “No Pain, No Jane” is legit.

  5. Skibumwannabe says:

    Mad River glen! The entire mountain is perfectly symmetrical bumps!

  6. jamesoclark says:

    You got it:
    Prima -> Pronto -> Log Chute -> Highline
    …and Mary Jane in its entirety.

  7. happyfeet says:

    Lorelei and Al’s Run at Taos. Infinite lines and relentless pitch. Like angel’s tread.

  8. RonaldPlummer says:

    I’ve skied many of all these great runs mentioned (makes me want Winter to hurry up!) But I have to mention a small llesser known resort in Los Alamos NM called Pajarito. There are four short, steep, over bumped runs side by side that rival the best anywhere, at least for a quick short drop: Nuther Mother, Sidewinder, Breathless, and Precious!. Long live the little bird!

  9. JB says:

    Al’s Run, Taos Ski Valley.

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  12. […] month, we shared a list of North America’s Favorite Mogul Runs. This month, in that same spirit of social media inclusivity, and randomness, we’re sharing […]

  13. Greg says:

    Thunder at Jackson Hole
    Upper Lift Line to Al’s Drop at Pebble Creek

  14. LeBeauNoelle says:

    I have to highly recommend all the bump runs in the Bowls in Sun Valley, Idaho. Especially fabulous runs are both May Day Bowl and Lookout Bowl. These are nice long runs with terrific fall lines! They start off nice and open, begin to narrow, choose to ski the ridges, sides, or down the gully! Another hidden gem is Inhibition, in Sun Valley, a lesser well known run and a bit off the beaten path! A shorter bump favorite is now known as Arnold’s Run (previously Flying Maid), and next to that Picabo Street (named for the local Olympian formally known as Plaza run)!

  15. John says:

    Surprised to see True Grit on here since all last season it was a groomed run. Leaving Goat at Stowe of the list is sacrilege, and I would add Starr in here as well given it’s steep pitch. Plus now that Goat Woods was destroyed by last Summer’s microburst, there is no other way off that trail than to endure 2000 vert of very big moguls.

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  19. Altta says:

    Must agree with LeBeauNoelle, Sun Valley must be on any list of best moguls. As a minimum Upper River Run, Exhibition, and Upper Holiday have to be on any bump list.

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