Call it whatever you want: the fanny pack, waist bag, belt bag, or if you’re in the UK, bum pack. But here at Liftopia, we’re rocking hip packs.

And we aren’t the only ones. This beloved 80s and 90s pouch saw a big revival in the past year: hip packs made up nearly 25 percent of sales in U.S. accessories from January to October in 2018.

This is all to explain why we’ve officially included Liftopia co-branded Cotopaxi hip packs as part of Liftopia Essentials – which you can pre-order now.

As part of our launch, we surveyed employees at Liftopia and are excited to share their favorite times to rock a hip pack…

Keeping Track of All My Stuff
Caro, Partner Services
Did anyone say “Styleez”? Style, and ease. Hip packs are the perfect accessory to bring skiing. We all know how many pockets ski jackets have, and I can never remember if my chapstick is on the right forearm pocket, front pocket, pants pocket, you get the point. You’ll likely see my hip pack on me when I hit the slopes this winter. Do you think I could fit a speaker in there too?

Hands-Free Hiking
Alicia, People Operations
I love to hike, and I definitely don’t want to carry a heavy backpack. A hip pack provides the perfect alternative – enough room to carry some snacks and sunscreen, but no sweaty back to accompany it. I’ll take my hip pack with me on my next jaunt in Muir Woods. Easy phone access for pictures too!

Alicia, listening for compliments on her Liftopia hip pack.

So I Don’t Get Locked Out of My House
Kathryn, Sales Enablement
I ride with a local cycling club that has a very casual “coffee” ride on Friday mornings. People roll up in t-shirts/sweatshirts, and while I’d love to join in on the relaxed attire, I need a place to stash my keys/wallet while we ride. Jersey no more! From now on, I’ll be using a hip pack to stash my belongings while I casually cruise through the city in a hoodie before sunrise.

Party-Time Accessory
Greg, Analytics
Festivals. I’m usually wearing something that doesn’t have great pockets (you know, like a onesie) so a hip pack is an essential. I guess I put the normal stuff in there…wallet, phone, keys, cash. Nothing too exciting but at least I know I won’t lose it.

Greg thinks he is at a music festival because that’s how much fun working at Liftopia is.

One Reason to Rule Them All
Heather, Finance & Accounting
I wear a hip pack on any ‘ole day! Hands free!

Did we miss your favorite time to wear a hip pack? Let us know in the comments.

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One response to “Our Favorite Times to Wear a Hip Pack”

  1. Adrienne says:

    I just got a small Patagonia hip pack (the Mini Black Hole 1L) and it’s the best!! My hands are free, I never lose my purse because you can’t set it down and forget where you left it, and I have all my things (phone, chapstick, money, koozie, keys) with me. I had one friend who wouldn’t stop mocking it… so I told her I not only did I have all my things, but that I also had both hands free to kick her butt ;-).

    Anyway, I am here for the fannypack Renaissance.

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