Editor’s Note: The 4th Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week kicks off on March 2, 2015! We’ve got tons of great advance purchase lift ticket deals across the U.S. and Canada so you can hit the slopes!


Now that the 3rd Annual Play Hooky & Ski Week has finally arrived, you’re going to need a way out of work/class. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Present this doctor’s note to your boss/teacher, and you’ll be in the clear. You can thank us later, after you return from your epic day out on the slopes – errrr, we mean, when you’ve finally recovered.

National Play Hooky & Ski Week

To whom it may concern:

Please excuse (name) from any (work/school) obligations or commitments that (he/she) may have today. Unfortunately, (he/she) has caught a severe case of Powder Fever, a condition that is extremely contagious and requires immediate attention. (Name) is currently suffering from symptoms such as frequent hallucinations of black diamonds, impulsive behavior that includes wearing snow gear all day, sudden increases in (his/her) appetite for hot cocoa and beef jerky, and a dangerously high temperature that can only be treated with a face full of snow.

I am prescribing (name) with a heavy dose of S.T.G., (a medication better known as “Shredding the Gnar”), which can only be found at high elevations where the snow dumps down. Unfortunately, going to (work/class) without the aforementioned treatment could be detrimental to (name)’s current state of health.

Please note that treatment has varying effects on each patient including muscle soreness and slight sunburn, but if used correctly, (name) will return to work with better moods, increased productivity, and sometimes even stronger quads.



Dr. Gond O. La, M.D.

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    AWESOME RoseAnne! Love it; shared it!

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