National Play Hooky & Ski Week

The 3rd Annual Play Hooky & Ski Week is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to check another one off your list of reasons why you can’t come into the office or classroom next week. (Already used up your quota of “sick” days? Check out this list of Best Excuses for Playing Hooky and Skiing to help you get some more ideas.)

To ensure the BEST DAY EVER on the slopes, here are some pointers on how to play hooky the right way and make the most of your day off:

1) Timing is everything.

Before your body is completely overtaken by “food poisoning,” have a look at your calendar. Take a day off when there’s no big deadline on the horizon and get the majority of your workload done beforehand (or, at least, kill off the tasks with the highest priority). After all, you want to ski completely guilt-free! There’s nothing worse than envisioning the angry faces of your bosses/teachers on every mountainside, looking down on and judging you at every turn.

2) Disconnect yourself.

Now that you’ve timed your “jury duty obligation” to happen during the most optimal day of the week, disconnect. Turn off the world and enjoy the mountain. Alleviate any work/school-related stress by tackling that challenging terrain or going really, really fast (I swear this works). Be in the moment, focus on the mountain in front of you, and (temporarily) forget about the workload that’s waiting for you at home.

Not only will you feel better mentally, but a disconnection will also keep you away from Facebook, Instagram, or any other social channel that might give away your secret. Resist the urge to post a photo/status update, despite the mountain looking exceptionally awesome today. Save that post for another day – like next weekend, when “your car is all fixed up and returned from the mechanic.” (If you’re a social media addict like I am, this may not be possible. You may have to resort to blocking your boss/teacher for the day.)

Photo Credit Red Mountain Resort
Photo Credit- Red Mountain Resort

3) Splurge.

Since you’ve already done the dirty work of convincing your boss and co-workers that “your migraine just won’t go away,” it’s time to go all out. Enjoy a burger (or whatever food takes you to your happy place) and don’t feel bad about ordering that extra beer, with a milkshake on the side. Today is about making yourself feel happier and more mentally relaxed so you can crush it at the workplace tomorrow.

Want to win Liftopia shwag? Share your tips on how to play hooky in the comments section below or on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #playhookygoski. Just make sure your bosses and teachers aren’t looking! 

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  1. Luca Serio says:

    Make sure not to post photos of your day on social media, no matter how much fun you had. #playhookygoski

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