Editor’s Note: The 3rd Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week kicks off on March 3, 2014! There are still plenty of great lift ticket deals to help you get after it this season. So, read up on these strategies below and get ready to hit the slopes!

play hooky

Given that National Play Hooky and Go Ski Week is on the horizon, I wanted to compile a few ideas for making the most of the week without getting caught.  Please note that I talk mostly about pulling a fast one on your boss, but any of these strategies could be easily translated to playing hooky from class (hey professor!), jury duty, unpromising “it’s just lunch” dates or tax returns.  Below is a collection of sure fire ways to get out skiing midweek without consequence.

1. The Bueller

The Bueller hails from the fine movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and involves a third party calling your boss claiming sickness yielding inability to communicate other than through said third party.  This one is especially effective working in multiple directions if you wish to take the day off with a friend who works elsewhere.  Bonus points if you steal the friend’s dad’s prized 1982 Volvo 240 as primary transport to the hill.

2. The Intern

Over the years Liftopia has had several great interns and one incredible excuse from an intern for not coming to work.  This involved the intern’s mother insisting the intern was not well, however the communication came via a sincere “My mom thinks I should stay home from work today.”  The beauty of this one was only accomplished with the utmost sincerity in explaining the reason for absence.

3. The Over Achiever

This one is a bit less of an excuse, and more of a tactic to feign being productive at home. Several days in advance start scheduling multiple email communications early in the morning. Send questions, not statements so that you buy yourself time in getting a response.  Pre-plan additional sends for 10:30, and respond to the responses at lunch time (but be sure to remove the “sent from my iPhone” signature). Note: may be combined with The Domino to stay home to avoid plague exposure.

4. The Domino

While the Bueller is great for ski partners who work at different companies, what about those of us who work with a number of enthusiastic snowsports consumers?  The Domino is a bit of a positive spin on the prisoners’ dilemma, and is executed as follows:

  • Employee 1 (Monday) – I am sick, I am sorry, I cannot come to work today.
  • Employee 2 (Tuesday) – Oh shoot, I believe I caught what employee 1 had.
  • Employees 3 and 4 (Wednesday) – Man, this thing is really spreading, we feel awful.
  • Employees 5 and 6 (Thursday) – Seriously, this thing is all over the place.
  • Employees 1-6 (Friday) – Successfully yielding high paranoia in the Boss, Boss stays home on Friday in fear of catching the plague, everyone gets a 3 day weekend.

With these excuses in mind, there shall be lift tickets deals available for all from 83% off.

A final note is that if any Liftopia employee is reading this, I am on to you. By the way, I’ll be working from home on Tuesday.

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