Editor’s Note: We’re not suggesting you pull these pranks, and published the post with the intent they’d be taken with a grain of salt. We DO support spending time & having fun with your friends & family on the slopes… safely!

Skiers and riders usually agree that there are no friends on a powder day.  Once you read this list of popular mountain pranks and decide to act on it, there’s a good chance you’ll be left with no friends, regardless of the snow conditions.  In all honesty, I don’t recommend that you go through with any of these pranks, as they could result in serious injury.  At the same time, if you’re not one to usually prank your friends, ask yourself, “What do I really have to lose aside from this person’s trust and an amazing friendship that I’ve worked hard to build, grow, and develop over the last 15+ years?”  Exactly – nothing of importance at risk.

Prank #1: The Domino

While you are standing behind your friend (or a stranger if you’re feeling really pranky) in the lift line, subtly release their binding and, almost simultaneously, give them a nice shove.  For all of you outside-the-box thinkers, I know what you’re thinking: why limit this to the lift line?  Great point – this is a good one regardless of where on the mountain you are: lift line, steep decline mid-run, or après ski while your friend is talking to his/her big mountain crush (assuming your friend is still wearing his/her skis at après…he’s so silly sometimes!).  Extra points if your push causes your immediate target to fall into the person in front of them, setting off a chain reaction…or a “domino” reaction if you will.

Falling Domino Pieces Arranged in a Line

Prank #2: Twin Tip Table Topple

I was hesitant to include this one as it’s not snow-specific, but it’s so transferable that I couldn’t resist.  I’ve been on the receiving end of this one a handful of times (thanks to my older brother) and the feeling afterwards is just miserable.  You know that acting pissed off just gives them more satisfaction, but it’s so hard to laugh it off and act as if everything’s all good.  To execute: get your partner in crime to kneel on all fours behind the prankee who is facing you, and give the prankee a little tappy tap so they fall over your kneeling friend.  I told my brother recently it’s been so long since our last ski trip and he agreed it’d be great to make a trip sometime soon – I wonder if he knows I have zero interest in actually skiing with him but the sole reason for the trip would be to get in a solid TT on him.

Words of wisdom: you always want to assume the role of pusher, not the kneeler.  The prankee often takes out all of his anger on the kneeler since they end up in close vicinity of one another.

Prank #3: The South Pole (or The Foul Pole)

This one is pretty “foul.”  It involves grabbing the ski poles from your friend while riding the chair lift and chucking them as far down as possible (South Pole).  We all (I) do pranks for the sense of gratification that results from seeing your friend incredibly upset directly following the prank.  You need to assume for this one that you’re going to be the one fetching their poles.  Therefore, careful analysis needs to be done to decide if the high you’ll feel outweighs the nuisance involved in finding and picking up their poles.  No brainer: well worth it.

Responsible Jaydon: If you’re going to attempt this, ensure there is nobody below, as a pole to the face is no fun for anyone.

Irresponsible Jaydon: Thanks, Responsible Jaydon.  See you again, never.  Onto the next prank…

Prank #4: Skinior Ditch Day

Ever tried skiing with one ski?  It may be more frustrating and difficult than my first (and second and third) day of snowboarding was.  I say “may” because I’ve never tried it and have no intentions of ever doing so.  At the top of the mountain while congregating as everyone buckles into their skis, have friend #1 distract friend #2, and take one of friend #2’s skis while he isn’t looking.  Proceed to ride down the mountain with friend #1, leaving (former) friend #2 to ski down with one ski.  If/when he gets to the bottom, guilt trip him hard as to why he took so long to get down.  “Not cool bro, not cool at all.  You know we have limited time on the hill today and you lagged SO hard.”

One Ski

Prank #5: Aaaaahhhhh!!

This one didn’t take place on the actual mountain, but a classic nonetheless that deserved inclusion:

To my friends out there: I’d heavily advise against trying one of these on me.  You can’t beat someone at their own game.  Keep in mind I didn’t include in this list about 25 other mountain pranks that I’ve grown to love and master over the years – any of which I’d be happy to play on you.

To everyone else out there: any other good (and safe, of course) pranks you’d add to this list?  Please do share, all you little pranksters!

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  1. MOD says:

    Your brother sounds like someone who deserves to get TT’d on the reg.

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