You could go to the gym to get your legs in shape for ski season. (Here’s a sample pre-ski season workout, if you’re into that kind of thing.) But, let’s be honest, skiing is the best medicine for getting your legs in shape for the hill. So, instead, how about following these top ten ways to get ready for the ski season.

1. Buy a new toque.

Don’t know what a toque is? Google it.

2. Air out those boots.

A little air goes a long way in freshening up your liners. Pull them out and let them breath for a day or two. When you pop them back into your boots, make sure to buckle them up. Plastic has memory!

3. Test out a new chili recipe. 

Nothing says a ski weekend at the cabin like a good old pot of chili. Why not test out a new recipe and invite your ski buddies over for a potluck? Chili cook-off anyone?

10 Things To Do Before Ski Season Starts

PHOTO CREDIT: Foodie International

4. Change the batteries in your transceiver.

Your life depends on it. So change the batteries in your transceiver, regardless if they have juice in them or not, so they’re brand new.

5. Watch JP Auclair’s street segment from All.I.Can.

Turn it up loud and get inspired. I like to dance to it. JP Auclair was playful and creative on his skis – what better way to feel a little magic before the snow flies than to connect with one of skiing’s favorite angels? #weloveyoujp

6. Put your winter tires on.

Seriously – don’t procrastinate on this one. Book your appointment now before they’re all booked up. (And they always book up.) The last thing you want is for there to be a snow storm and you’re stuck on the side of the road (or at home) because you didn’t get your tires changed over.

7. Sneak into a movie premier.

Why not? Make sure you get a selfie with a pro.

8. Take an avalanche awareness course.

Whether you’re a seasoned backcountry skier or a newbie, check out local courses and workshops on avalanche awareness. Knowledge is power in the mountains so brush up on what you know so you can be safer and smarter this season. 

9. Give your skis a good tune.

Take care of your bases and edges with a good wax and sharpen. Check out this post for some tips and tricks.

10 Things To Do Before Ski Season Starts

PHOTO CREDIT: Kristen Lummis

10. Check out and save when you purchase in advance.

Because we all want to ski and save, don’t we?

How are you getting ready for ski season? Share your ideas, chili recipes and gear prep in the comments below.


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