With Presidents’ Day Weekend right around the corner, we thought we’d take some time to honor the personalities and achievements of our former (and current) commanders-in-chief. How? By pairing up some of our favorite presidents with the ski resorts we think you’d most likely catch them at.

Even though it’s pretty unlikely you’ll run into any of these guys on the slopes, the good news is you can elect to score some awesome deals on lift tickets when you purchase in advance on


1. George Washington: Sun Valley

Skiing Presidents' Day Weekend: George Washington

George Washington and Idaho’s Sun Valley share the honor of being “numba one”. George Washington was the first president, and Sun Valley was established as the first ski destination in the US. The resort is also known for installing the world’s first chairlift. See Sun Valley lift tickets.

2. Thomas Jefferson: Titus Mountain

Skiing Presidents' Day Weekend: Thomas Jefferson

We all know he wrote the Declaration of Independence, but did you know that Thomas Jefferson was all about maple syrup? Because of his hatred for slavery, he promoted maple sugar as a homegrown alternative to cane sugar, which at the time, was mostly produced by slave labor.

It only makes sense, then, that President Thomas Jefferson would head to New York’s Titus Mountain on the weekends, if not to ski, then certainly to indulge in the resort’s fresh cooked waffles and resort-made maple syrup. He’d be pretty impressed by Titus Mountain’s maple syrup operations, which take advantage of the ski area’s sloping terrain to move raw sap through tap lines. See Titus Mountain lift tickets.

3. Abraham Lincoln: Whitefish 

Skiing Presidents' Day Weekend: Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln is known for abolishing slavery. He’s also known for having a huge soft spot for animals. In fact, he kept a variety of pets during his presidency and even let his cat eat at the White House dinner table.

If he wasn’t busy leading the Union into Civil War, you’d probably find him strolling with his four-legged friends around Whitefish, Montana’s dog-loving ski townSee Whitefish lift tickets.

4. Chester A. Arthur: Aspen Snowmass

Skiing Presidents' Day Weekend: Chester A Arthur

Aspen has always been known for its jet setting crowd, dressed in the latest ski fashions. Likewise, President Chester A. Arthur was known for his impeccable attire, which earned him the nickname “Elegant Arthur.”

You’d probably catch this president taking part in Aspen’s lively après ski scene, sippin’ on a Hot Toddy and rocking the most glamorous fur-trimmed coat. See Aspen Snowmass lift tickets.

5. William Taft: Whistler Blackcomb

Skiing Presidents' Day Weekend: William Taft

Clocking in at 6 feet tall, it’s only apropos that one of the tallest presidents in U.S. history (up there with Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson) takes on Whistler Blackcomb, the largest ski resort in North America with 8,100 skiable acres. See Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets.

6. Ronald W. Reagan: Mammoth Mountain

Skiing Presidents' Day Weekend: Ronald Reagan

It’s a common-known fact that Ronald W. Reagan pursued an acting career in Hollywood before becoming a politician.

Where do Hollywood celebs often go for some winter fun? Not far from home – to Mammoth Mountain, of course! Ronald Reagan would probably be seen cruising the groomers, alongside other Mammoth-going celebs like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Cameron Diaz. See Mammoth Mountain lift tickets.

7. Barack Obama: Crystal Mountain

Skiing Presidents' Day Weekend: Obama

Not far from his old Chicago stomping ground, it’s easy to imagine Obama shredding the gnar at Michigan’s Crystal Mountain. And with the on-mountain activities ranging from dog sledding to spa treatments, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha won’t have a problem finding something to do if they’re not up for hitting the slopes! View Crystal Mountain lift tickets.

So, there you have it! Commemorate these presidents by donning your Uncle Sam hats and heading to the mountain for a patriotic three-day weekend. And, by George – don’t forget to purchase your lift tickets in advance on to save big!


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  1. Bob says:

    What happened to Gerald Ford who brought a close friend (not Betty) to Stowe for a ski and….weekend?

  2. pissedoffconsumer says:

    Obama wouldn’t ski! his PANSY ASS would be in a lodge somewhere sipping on lattes..

  3. Billy Mays says:

    This is what happens when websites like this try to take advantage of the trends. You get shitty content marketing.

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