If you’ve never competed in a snowboarding competition before, the idea of entering one can be a little intimidating.

Over the years, snowboarding competitions and their courses have become standardized. The majority of courses today fit a mold to look exactly the same, which means riders know exactly what to expect. In recent years, there has been a call for a more creative competition course that mixes things up.

Red Bull’s All Snow does just that.

This grassroots snowboarding comp takes you way back to the days of competing on nothing but snow. It’s a slopestyle competition that judges the riders and the park crew on style and creativity. Each event will feature unique courses made of nothing but snow, allowing riders to showcase their personal style on the slopes without the distraction of jibbing on man-made features like boxes, rails and automotives. The top three riders, as well as the most creative park crew, are rewarded.

RedBull All Snow: Old School Style with New School Energy

PHOTO: Redbull

The first All Snow slopestyle jams already happened at Mountain Creek in NJ and Big Boulder in PA, and the next one will be hitting Mount Snow on March 5th.

So grab a Red Bull, hit the slopes, and show off your old school style with your new school energy. Participation is limited so register or show up early so you don’t get caught in the slush! Must be 15+ to compete. Register now.

Need a bit more convincing? Here’s a recap of Mountain Creek’s All Snow event last month:

Not competing, but what to check out the show? Grab your Mount Snow lift tickets now and don’t miss out!


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  1. TNMsbs says:

    This looks class, definitely something that Scottish resorts should look into for the 2017 season – The Northern Movement

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