You’ve seen it, the little yellow sign proclaiming “Singles” at the lift line. While there are benefits to the singles line at a ski resort (bypassing long lines on a powder day), it can also be a lonely place when you’re a solitary skier or snowboarder.

The Singles Line Dating Game Photo Credit: The Ski Channel

But it doesn’t have to be.

The singles line can be an optimal location to find a partner for the day—or longer.

Just think of it as a board game, where certain signs warrant a beverage break to regroup; others demand bodily force to secure your seat next to the perfect guy.

Ready to play? Here are your rules:

Round One

While looks aren’t everything, some things are important. Start from the snow and work your way up.

  • If he’s wearing rear entry boots, move back two spaces.
  • If his pants display more underwear than they cover, move back one space.
  • If he’s wearing a one-piece ski suit* move back two spaces. *caveat: Unless it’s April Fool’s Day, Closing Day or any other event where retro and outlandish outfits are acceptable. If so, move forward two spaces.
  • If camouflage is featured prominently, pretend you can’t see him. Move forward one space…slowly.
  • If his ski gear is pristine, move back four spaces. He’s either inexperienced or completely anal-retentive, neither of which is a great idea to get involved with.

Round Two
After you’ve passed round one, you’re ready to get to the important stuff.

  • If he’s wearing a helmet with a beanie, goggles and a full face mask, take a step back. You never know what could be hiding behind the gear. (Unless it’s negative degree temperatures. Then it’s okay).
  • If he’s covered with snow up to his waist, move up three spaces. He obviously knows where the powder stashes are.
  • If you can hear the strains of Daft Punk emanating from his headphones and he’s standing four feet away, move back one space. He won’t be able to hear your conversation anyway.
  • If he’s not wearing a helmet, launch into an explanation as to the idiocy of skiing without a helmet. If he listens, move up one space. If he ignores you or tells you that he’s such a great skier that he doesn’t need one, move up four spaces. You want to get down the mountain before he does.

The Final Round
You’ve navigated the first two rounds of the game. Maybe you’ve been pushed back a few steps, but hopefully you’ve made some progress. This is the most important round of all and the most crucial element to determine:

If he’s wearing snowblades, do not pass go. Leave the line and start over again.

Now that you’ve decided who you want to ride with, smoothly sidle up next to him in line. Smile. This is the fun part.

The Singles Line Dating Game Photo Credit: KI Communications

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