Skiing and snowboarding are great activities, but sometimes it’s easy to forget there are others out there who don’t get to enjoy hitting the slopes for a variety of reasons. I’m writing this week to highlight some great organizations that have been helping others get out there and shred some pow!


SKIDuck (SKIing and snowboarding for Disabled and Underprivileged Children and older Kids) is a relatively new non-profit organization that is “dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled and underprivileged children by sharing the joys of skiing and snowboarding.”  SKIDuck is entirely volunteer-based, so 100% of all donations go straight to their ski programs!  Originally founded in Tahoe, they’re beginning to expand their cause to more resorts across the US, so make sure to check out their site and help if you can.  Here at Liftopia we are excited to be organizing a trip with them up to Tahoe this winter!

 Adaptive Ski Program 

A chapter of Disabled Sports USA, Adaptive Ski provides “safe and supportive alpine ski lessons for adults and children with a wide array of disabilities.”  Based in New Mexico, lessons take place at Sandia Peak and Ski Santa Fe with instruction available in 2 track, 3 track, 4 track, blind, deaf, mono-ski, bi-ski & snowboarding!  I didn’t even know there were that many types of skiing – it’s amazing to see how many options there are for people who are interested in getting out on the slopes.  Adaptive currently offers a 6-week long program that runs from mid-January to mid-March, as well as single day lessons and skiing options as well.


Challenged Athletes Foundation 

A great foundation that has given out over 160 ski/snowboard-related grants and over 1,100 grants total in 2012 covering all sports, the CAF is a well-established organization with a broad reach both nationally and internationally. The CAF helps to provide “opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.”  The CAF offers a variety of support from grants, to clinics, to mentoring, along with variety of programs including help for veterans.  Definitely check out their site and see what you can do!


Special Mention – Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys & Girls Clubs are a “safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun.  It is the place where future great futures and started each and every day.”  Many of these clubs across America have partnered up with the above ski-related communities and other organizations to help give younger individuals the chance to get out and ski the mountain they perhaps otherwise would not have.  So, I’m giving them an honorable mention here for all the work they’ve done not only in the ski industry, but in other industries across the country.

What other ski charities and non-profits are out there that you feel are worth a mention?

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  1. says:

    Great list! Another one to add: the Kelly Brush Foundation ( Located in Vermont, this foundation awards grants to ski and snowboard clubs and organizations that are unable to afford safety equipment for ski races. It also raises funds for the US Adaptive Ski Team.

  2. Kristin says:

    National Sports Center for the Disabled and disabled sports USA

  3. […] Windham is also the proud home of The Adaptive Sports Foundation. This foundation helps teach men, women, and children with developmental and physical disabilities how to ski and snowboard. I have had the privilege of being an Adaptive Snowboard Instructor for this foundation, and it’s a great opportunity for people with disabilities to learn and participate in a wonderful sport along with their families; I’ve witnessed amazing transformations in both children and adults when they’ve participated in this program. For more resorts offering programs like this one check out Sean’s blog on Adaptive/ Non-Profit Programs! […]

  4. Another great ski charity: Ski4AllUSA which takes foster children, and other kids in need, skiing in NJ, NY and Massachusetts. 2019 will be their third year providing these children with the physical and emotional health benefits of learning to ski. 100% of the donations to this 501(c)(3) go directly to the ski programs.

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