As she was editing Pretty Faces last year, Lynsey Dyer told me how important it was to get the perfect music for her production company’s debut film. The tunes needed to embody the heart and soul of the film to really tell and complete the story. Most importantly, the music had to connect and move viewers so the film was not only memorable, but inspiring. (Bring on the stoke!)

We’ve done some work for you to help get you stoked for the upcoming season. Here are 16 songs from this year’s ski movie trailers to add to your playlist. Listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

Ski Movie Soundtracks To Add To Your Playlist

PHOTO: / Jumbo Wild

1. Jumbo Wild by Sweetgrass

Song: Silver Donna, Damien Jurado

2. Houligan by JF Houle

Song: Spirit of Life, Blackmill

3. Darklight by Sweetgrass

Song: Tend, William Ryan Fritch

4. Paradise Waits by TGR

Song: Violent Shiver, Benjamin Booker

5. Fade to Winter by MSP

Song: Ahab, Climbing Trees

6. Passenger by Legs of Steel

Song: Spinning Wheel, Black Honey

7. Late by Puzzle Media

Song: Something’s Wrong (Original Mix), Takaki Matsuda

8. The Shadow Campaign Vol. 2 by DPS Skis

Song: Whirlpool, Sea Wolf

9. In Search by Kye Peterson

Song: Mary Please, The Brian Jonestown Massacre

10. Blank. The Movie. by We Are Blank

Song: Karmanjaka, Purple Hill Witch

11. The Masquerade by Super Proof Inc

Song: Lost&benefit, Minor Lag

12. Late by Puzzle Media

Song: Long Drink (Original Mix), FULLHOUSE

13. The Boolers Ball by Hood Crew

Song: Galapagos, Zimmer

14. Shaping Skiing by 4FRNT Skis

Song: Gosh, Jamie XX

15. Bon Vivant by BRS

Song: Pictures of Matchstick Men, Status Quo

16. How Did I Get Here by Sierra Quitiquit

Song: Take Me, Sumif

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify.


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