If you’re a powderhound, chasing the snow is all that truly matters. But it can be hard to pick and choose which ski resort to check out next. Who had the most snow last season? Can you remember which Canadian resort had the best snowpack in 2013?

Thankfully, we’ve got your back. We scoured the internet for snowfall totals for every ski resort in the USA and Canada, reaching all the way back to the 2012-13 season. We then took an average of the past three shred seasons, finding the top three ski resorts with the most snow in Canada, the American West, and the American East. What we found may surprise you, but read on if you’re on a mission to chase the fluffy stuff.

Ski the East

Which Ski Resorts Get The Most Snow?

PHOTO: Jay Peak

1. Jay Peak, Vermont

Not only did Jay Peak take the top spot for average snowfall (292 inches), it sure enjoyed a powder-tastic 2014-15 season. With a solid 357 inches, this Vermont resort had lifts turning well into May. Here’s to hoping this season keeps the pace! See Jay Peak lift tickets.

2. Stowe, Vermont

Tripping on the heels of its neighbor, Stowe hit a solid average snowfall of 285 inches to round our top three. Like most of New England, this year has been a struggle, but snow is in the forecast. Our ski bones are telling us that February will bring the snows! See Stowe lift tickets.

3. Sugarbush, Vermont

Sugarbush helped Vermont take the clean sweep with all three podium spots, averaging a solid 279 inches of snowfall. Their corduroy is freshly groomed; time to make some turns! See Sugarbush lift tickets.

Ski Canada

Which Ski Resorts Get The Most Snow?

PHOTO: Fernie Alpine

1. Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

With over 24 feet of snow already this season, it’s clear that Whistler is no stranger to powder conditions. With an average snowfall of 350 inches over the past couple of years, one thing is clear: get to Whistler and start shredding. See Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets.

2. Whitewater Ski Resort, British Columbia

Whitewater’s name may be lesser known to Americans, but that doesn’t change the fact that this resort gets snow! In fact, it really tied for the top spot in this list with an average of 349.77 inches. What’s another ¼ inch? See Whitewater lift tickets.

3. Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia

British Columbia makes a clean sweep, taking all three positions in our Ski Canada list. Fernie rounds it out with an average snowfall of 342 inches. Our math may not be the best but near as we can tell, that’s enough snow for quite a few fresh tracks. See Fernie Alpine lift tickets.

Ski the West

Which Ski Resorts Get The Most Snow?

PHOTO: Grand Targhee

1. Mt. Baker, Washington

There wasn’t a single ski resort that came near the snowfall totals of Mt. Baker in Washington. With an average snowfall total of 515 inches (and a 2012-13 season with 698 inches!), it reigned supreme over every other mountain on this list. Get thee to Mt. Baker—STAT! See Washington lift tickets.

2. Alyeska Resort, Alaska

It’s not shocking that an Alaskan resort placed in the top three, but Alyeska takes the second spot with grace—and a whopping 444 inch snowfall average. It may be a bit of trek to ski Alyeska, but trust us; the juice is worth the squeeze at this resort. View Alaska lift tickets.

3. Grand Targhee Ski Resort, Wyoming

Rounding out the West’s top three is Grand Targhee, the lesser known-yet-totally-awesome Wyoming resort. With an average snowfall total of 395 inches, Targhee easily edged out its famous neighbor to the east. View Grand Targhee lift tickets.


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