Following a blockbuster season that broke snowfall records, Squaw Valley has officially announced that it will stay open past July 4, a first in the resort’s history.

With an impressive cumulative snowfall of 714 inches (nearly 60 feet) and a base depth of more than 20 feet, Squaw has dubbed this season the “Endless Season” and plans to continue operations as far into summer as possible.

“As conditions allow and the snow lasts, Squaw Valley is gearing up to operate the Shirley Lake Express chair on Saturday’s in July…or August! Our groomers will be working to relocate snow to the area to maintain snowpack and allow for summer skiing and riding. Basically, we plan to let you ski as long as the snow lasts!

Squaw Valley’s summer shred schedule is as follows:

May 2017: Alpine Meadows will operate Saturdays & Sundays from 8:30am-2pm through closing day on Sunday, May 14. Squaw Valley will operate daily from 9am-4pm through May 31.

June 2017: Squaw Valley will open for skiing and riding on Saturdays & Sundays in June. Hours to be determined, based on conditions.

July 1-4: Squaw Valley will operate daily for skiing, riding and activities. Hours to be determined, based on conditions.

Beyond July 4: Squaw Valley will open for skiing and riding on Saturdays. Hours to be determined, based on conditions.

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7 responses to “Squaw Valley Will Stay Open Past July 4 For The First Time Ever”

  1. Joseph D'Agostino says:

    Someone wake up Al Gore. He’s gonna love this.

    • freegan_man says:

      Dumbass, check the Arctic ice pack and glaciers worldwide!

      • Joseph D'Agostino says:

        I would be happy to debate you on man made Global Warming but you went right for the personal attack showing that you don’t know DICK.

        • wayne says:

          well said, Joe.

          • Joseph D'Agostino says:

            Thanks Wayne. Unlike most people I know a LOT about global warming. None of that really matters. Mr. Gore did say the arctic would be ice free 2 years ago. That part of AGW is very wrong.

      • Joseph D'Agostino says:

        Please? Tell me
        The current rate of warming for the last 25 years
        The 20th century The difference?
        20th century sea level rise per year
        21st NOAA predicted rise for 21st century
        Peak warming 1880 to today
        What was the co2 level in 1900 versus today
        Is the Ice pack larger or smaller than 1980 today?

        Yeah, I read Skepticalscience and huffpo. Tell me the NASA and NOAA numbers.

    • freegan_man says:

      Pls do us a favor and use one of your warm guns!

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