Every year, sends a 5 man crew out to the largest ski and snowboard gear show in North America, SIA 2013. The mission: to find the coolest, most mind blowing, earth shattering ski gear to hit the market for next season. Over 3 days, the AJ team looks over thousands of skis, boards, goggles, helmets, clothing pieces and more. The result? A curation of the most “Stoke Worth” gear to hit the market for 2014. See what the team found this year!

SIA 2013: Smith Vice Goggles for skiing
Smith “Vice” Goggle: As interchangeable lenses and rimless designs become the norm, Smith delivers a stylish lineup of semi-rimless lenses with the Vice.  Utilizing the same set of interchangeable lenses as offered in its I/O type goggles, the Vice is designed for a true medium fit and styled with an oversized lens profile to maximize peripheral vision. Available in a more secure and durable setting and featuring an upgraded swiveling strap, 5X anti-fog and 3-layer DriWix face foam; the Vice is versatile enough to work the whole mountain.

SIA 2013: Polartec Alpha Marmot Ski Jacket
Polartec® Alpha® – Marmot Alpha Pro: Marmot is one of the first companies to unveil the new lightweight synthetic alternative to goose down that is stable, durable and, most importantly, breathable. That’s because air circulates within the Alpha® fabric, drawing out moisture. The new development from Polartec® is being scooped up by several outdoor retailers for its advantage over other vapor-barrier-derived fillers.

SIA 2013: Rossignol Soul 7 Skis
Rossignol “Soul 7”: The new aluminum “Air Tip” technology is what really makes Rossignol’s S-Series Soul 7 a game changer in the freeriding world. The new addition shaved 20 percent off its weight and increased stability by removing all the metal from the ski’s core and replacing it with solid wood. The Soul 7’s reduced swing weight makes it surprisingly agile for its 106mm underfoot and keeps the S-Series the buzz of the snowsports community.

SIA 2013: K2 Pinnacle ski boots
K2 “Pinnacle 130”: The Pinnacle 130 may just change the way we look at getting around the side-country. Incorporating K2’s new easy to maneuver hike/ski switch, The Synchro Interlock™, The Pinnacle 130 skiing performance without sacrificing comfort and hiking ability. Available in several different flex ratings, The Pinnacle also features a Powerfuse Spyne™ to help ensure that there is little room for any energy lost.

SIA 2013: Giro Combyn Helmet
Giro “Combyn” Helmet: Promising to provide riders with an emphasize durability and protection across a wide range of impact styles, The Combyn™ is the first in a new theory of snow helmets from Giro being called “Soft Shell”. The standard has always been you crack your helmet, you save your head. Most helmet materials are designed to disperse the energy of a hit with a hard shell that can crunch or crumple and an interior that can take a beating, but doesn’t really bounce back. Giro’s new Combyn challenges that theory with a flexible shell and a soft filler designed to absorb blows time and time again. The liner features two distinct layers of foam that allow the helmet to manage both high- and low-energy impacts across a range of temperatures. “We designed the new Combyn helmet for park and pipe riding where repeated impacts are the price of progression,” said Giro Sr. Vice President Greg Shapleigh.

So, keep an eye out! Although this gear won’t hit shelves until next season, add it to your wishlist. Or better yet, pretend you have the inside connection, and use it to sound like a gear pro in front of all your buddies. We sure did!

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