With the weather warming many of us are lamenting the end of our favorite season, ski season. It’s simply the best time of year and the end can be unbearable. No more schussing down slopes care free with the wind blowing in your face. No more gathering for après ski to share stories of your sickest lines while chowing down on nachos, washing them down with delicious beers and singing along to our favorite songs. Trust me, I totally understand how this can be tough to cope with. It’s a bit like dealing with the loss of a friend who has moved away for a period of time. Sure, they are gone but it’s only for a little while. Soon they will return to bring you all the joy. happiness and snowflakes that you crave.

When dealing with an absence such as this in your life, the key is to find some really fun stuff to keep you occupied while you wait for winter’s triumphant return. Lucky for us, there are so many great warm weather activities that can be just as fun. Biking, hiking, canoeing and more can provide us with endless amounts of good times.

Just like ski season has après ski, there is always the opportunity to gather after any activity and continue the party. Work hard, play hard is a worthy mantra to live by and activities that enable you to operate in a capacity similar to that of ski season are sure to help pass the time quickly. This is sure to make everything just a bit more tolerable however, don’t think that you can go into this all willy nilly. You’ll need the right après-every-adventure-gear to help get the job done correctly. From knives, to lights, to vessels that carry your stuff we have you covered with this seasons best. 

Crkt Bev-Edge Pocket Knife $39.99

This is the perfect knife for whatever outdoor après everything endeavor you are involved in. At only 3.5” long folded, it fits nicely in your pocket without really even knowing it is there. When the time is right, crack the cap off a bottle of beer with the built in opener then flip this buttery smooth knife open and start slicing up that charcuterie and cheese. It’s time to party!

Stanley Adventure Pre-Party Shot Glass and Flask Set $40

You’re probably thinking, “Why would I ever bring a set of shot glasses and a flask on my outdoor adventure?” Because you can and doing shots outdoors is so much better with friends. The 8 oz. flask fits nicely into your back pocket and is sold in a set with four 2 oz. shot glasses that come conveniently stacked inside a Stanley container. So whether you’re hiking, biking, or just chilling on the beach this set is sure to serve your outdoor celebration well. 

Bar Country Pocket Cocktails From $9.99

Hauling a sixer of beer or a bottle of wine along on your outdoor excursion can be a bit taxing and sometimes, you just want a good cocktail. Problem solved. Bar Country offers a variety of dehydrated cocktail mixers that include Bloody Mary’s, Margaritas, Old Fashioneds and more. Just pack your prefered spirit in the aforementioned flask and mix when it’s time to unwind and party. 

Coast PM500R Work Light $220

If you want to use this light to work in the dark, go ahead, I am not going to stop you. However, I much prefer to use it to illuminate an area of a campsite or a backyard with its 180 degree moveable light. It’s durability is unrivaled and with both alkaline and rechargeable battery options you’ll be lit for hours on end. Perfect for when those cornhole games go late night and you need to see those boards so you can get it in the hole. 

Dogfish Head Activity Box $19.99

Filled with four of Dogfish Head’s most sessionable beers including Namaste White, SeaQuench Ale, SuperEight Gose and, it’s newest creation, a low cal IPA called Slightly Mighty, this 12 pack has warm weather activities embedded in its core. The box also doubles as a cooler so grab one prior to heading on your next adventure and just add ice once you arrive. Cheers. 

Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 $249.99

Activities require gear and gear needs to be organized and protected for travel. The GoBox nails each category. Well designed with Yeti’s typical rugged, yet simple, exterior and clamps that keep its lid locked down with authority, your stuff will be protected for almost anything life throws at it. Open the GoBox up and you’ll find everything you need nestled in its own functional spot. Smaller items fit well in the removable caddy or one of the zipper pockets and the large compartment is deep and wide enough to hold one or two of their growlers filled with craft beer.  

Oleo CBD Mix From $14.99

Strenuous activities can be taxing on your joints and muscles and requires a good recovery option post workout. That is where Oleo’s line of CBD mixes come into play.  Made from high quality organic ingredients, they are absorbed by your body 2 times faster than other CBD products. They also offer a variety of flavors that are quite tasty and will have you on the road to recovery in no time. 

Dakine Party Block Bag $100

Rugged construction including a fully welded, waterproof interior means you can carry a 12 pack plus ice on your next adventure no matter where it takes you. But don’t think your limited to just one location. Venture far from your home base using the four attached koozies that connect to the removable strap and can be worn as a bandolier. This gives a whole new meaning to “fanny pack” and you’ll be able to take your party almost anywhere. 

Oboz Men’s & Women’s Selway Leather Flip $60

Oboz’ motto is Be True to the Trail and that doesn’t stop when it comes to their flip flops. Built for the outdoors, the outsole is equally as capable of taking on a trail as it is a walk in the park. Slip resistant and flexible they allow you to grip any surface and equally comfortable while throwing back those post hike bevvies on the patio.  

Stio Men’s & Women’s PTV Collection – Prices Range

The right clothes can make all the difference, especially when it comes to going right from your activity to the post activity charades. Stio’s new PTV (Peak to Valley) is designed for just that. Whether your mountain campaigns involve hiking, biking, running or more the technical fabrics offers a range of movement and comfort on the trails. When those trails take you downtown afterward, you’ll not only be comfy but looking good all day long. 

Traeger Scout Pellet Grill $299.99

Delicious food should never be sacrificed in lieu of an adventure and the Traeger Scout is perfect for just that. Small enough to pack up in your truck and take on your trips, yet large enough to grill a rack of ribs or up to six burgers and 10 dogs, no one will go hungry. Equipped with a digital temperature controller and meat probe thermometer and cooked with Traeger’s signature woods pellets your food will come out perfectly tasty no matter the location.  

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