The family that skis together stays together, right? There are some great benefits to skiing or riding with your kids – keeping fit and healthy, getting fresh air, and having some awesome bonding time. They are always full of energy and keeping up with them can be challenging at times.  I’m a fairly new skier, but my daughter is nearly an expert. I enjoy skiing with them at Mt Rose at Lake Tahoe because it’s not crowded and super family-friendly with great customer service. Here are a couple of tips for parents to make the most of your skiing or riding adventure with your kids this season.

Family Skiers at Mt. Rose in Lake Tahoe

Family Skiers at Mt. Rose in Lake Tahoe

–        Safety First – Be sure to have the right equipment before hitting the slopes to avoid any injuries and discomfort. Kids should always: wear a helmet to protect their heads (even when a minor fall occurs), have quality gloves and goggles to keep fingers warm and peepers shielded, have the bindings checked on their skis to make sure it’s for the correct weight and skill level; and wear wrist guards when riding.

–        Go Early – Try hitting the slopes early morning or when the resort first opens to take advantage of the shorter lines on the lifts and less people on the runs, which is can mean less frustration for those kids that are still new to the sport.

–        Correct Ski Level – Choose the right ski level is important as some family members might be more experienced than the other. Pick a run or trail that your kids will be happy and comfortable with to make sure they won’t get potentially get hurt or injured on. Enroll your kids in a lesson for the morning or full-day if they haven’t skied before. A professional will likely be a better instructor than a parent. See our recent post on ski school tips here.

–        Meeting spot – Just in a case your kids pass you up on the run or trail, be sure to decide on a designated meeting spot and meeting time. A great choice is the bottom of a specific lift and that way should you lose each other in the amazing snow, everyone will know where to meet up afterwards.

–        Pack a snack – Throw in your kid’s pocket a PB&J sandwich or granola bar. A quick snack on the run can mean avoiding a complete meltdown from a youngster (and even a teen) that might need an extra quick boost of energy to make it to the bottom of the hill or mountain.

–        Don’t Forget the Cash – After some time quality time on the slopes, there is no better way to warm up then with a nice cup of hot cocoa. So, don’t forget to have some cash handy when you make your way to the snack bar or cafeteria.

I would love to hear any of your suggestions. I can always use advice myself when hitting the slopes with my kids.

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  1. Lauren Lewis says:

    I’ve worked up at Mt. Rose the last four years and I think it’s awesome to hear that you think it’s a great place for families! These are also great tips for not only kids but adults too!

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