Politics aside, if history has taught us anything it’s that wearing a helmet, be it on the slopes or on a ride, is a pretty good idea. Active Junky has found a few nifty picks for the upcoming season that will not only keep you from cooking your noodle but make you look darn stylish while doing it.

Giro Combyn

Giro Combyn

Designed for freestyle riders, the Combyn has an impact-absorbing liner crafted from Vinyl Nitrate Foam and boasts a flexible outer shell. This makes it damn durable, even after a serious hit. Comfort reigns supreme with highly adjustable Super Fit Engineering. To help keep you cool and dry when you’re really working up a sweat is the Super Cool Vents which pushes stale air out while letting fresh air in. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→

Salmon Hacker

Salomon Hacker

If its less weight and more durability you’re after in 2014, look no further than the Salomon Hacker. An in-mold lower shell and injected upper shell are the perfect blend to keep things light without sacrificing brawn. Things stay stealthy and spy-like with a cool matte finish, faux fur liner, and the option to wear goggles either inside or out for a sleek look. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→
Bern Brentwood

Bern Brentwood

Snow or dirt, Bern has you covered with this versatile and low-profile brain bucket. A seamless hard shell design allows for all-over protection, whether you’re dodging rocks off-piste or off-road. A snap-in liner makes the Brentwood ready for the slopes while plenty of venting keeps things cool in the summer heat. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→

Smith Vantage

The new Aerocore in Smith’s Vantage utalizes Koroyd with a tubular core to give you a 30% reduction in energy transmission by absorbing more energy from an impact. That’s less 30% impact on your noggin. Koroyd also provides better airflow alongside the 21 adjustable vents on the Vantage and is easier to recycle than other materials. Its science and it keeps you safe. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→

Gio Edit

Giro Edit

Giro has partnered with GoPro for their new Edit helmet, the first snow-specific helmet to have an integrated GoPro mount. The mount sits low and close to the front of the helmet to provide all the POV shots you could possibly dream of. Remove the mounting and you’ve got Giro’s lightest helmet to boot at just 13.4 oz. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→

Anon Talon

A do-everything option, this skate-style shell may be more closed off than some other helmets, but it still has a passive ventilation system to keep cool air moving under the lid and prevent your goggles from fogging up. The liner is made with expedition-weight fleece, making this is a great helmet option for the coldest winter regions. The Boa fit system also allows you to make minor fit adjustments on the fly. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→
Bern Muse

Bern Muse EPS (Women’s)

Simple, versatile and stylish, the Muse is the low-profile women’s version of Bern’s iconic Baker helmet, which was the first brim-style helmet on the market. The closed shell design keeps the cold at bay. And when the weather warms up the liner can be removed for a great bike or skate option. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→
K2 Ally Audio

K2 Ally Audio Helmet (Women’s)

Tunes make everything a little bit better. Groove your way down the slopes with K2’s Ally featuring an integrated audio system that gives you full control over your phone and music player without taking it out of your pocket. K2 uses a spider web style liner over your head, making it easy to adjust for a perfect fit and a passive venting system draws outside air over the top of the head to keep things from getting too steamy when you crank up that new Timberlake jam. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→
POC Synapsis

POC Synapsis 2.0

A feather-weight shell at just 13 oz., POC’s Synapsis 2.0 features a new turn ring adjustment system to dial the fit quickly and easily. Ballistic APB places a layer of almost bullet-proof Aramid between the molded shell and liner, allowing for a thin outer shell that’s as protective as it is light. An EPS liner provides single-impact protection without weighing down your dome. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→
Ride Gonzo

Ride Gonzo

A low-profile, no-fuss lid, Ride’s Gonzo features passive venting and a RideDial system for a secure fit. The minimalist style of the Gonzo is only enhanced by a plush faux-fur lining and heat-sealed padding for added comfort and warmth. Learn more here and buy it on Activejunky here→

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