Even after the snow melts, adrenaline is close at hand. When our beloved skis and snowboards are ceremoniously laid to rest in the garage, it’s time to break out the mountain bikes and get after it. For those of us who can’t wait until that next snowstorm to go shred, our good friends at Active Junky rounded up some of their favorite mountain bike gear and apparel. So check it out, grab your bike, and hit the trail. Just remember: dirt is less forgiving than snow.

Fenix BT-20 Bike Light

Fenix BT Bike Light

Let’s face it: mountain biking is much easier, safer, and more fun when you can actually see. Whether you are pounding out 24-hour races or you can only sneak in a ride after dark, mount the Fenix BT-20 to your handlebars or helmet and let it lead the way. This 750-lumen, dual-distance lamp shines as a capable performer with a reasonable price tag.  See the full review->

Scosche boomBOTTLE

The Scoshe boom bottle.

Headphones can be a hindrance and a headache on the trail. Ripping through singletrack rocking ear buds leaves you deaf to the dialogue of the trail – no whirring of oncoming wheels, no shouting buddies telling you to slow down, and no warnings of “Keep left, big cliff!” The Scosche boomBOTTLE is a rugged and weatherproof audio system that can bump tunes from your water bottle holder via a Bluetooth device in your pocket. Next time you hit the trail, slide the boomBOTTLE into your cage and enjoy the groove! See the full review->

CamelBak Charge LR

CamelBak Charge LR

CamelBak tailored the Charge LR to sync up to the hefty demands of a mountain biker. The 2-Liter Antidote Lumbar Reservoir stabilizes sloshing water, keeping your bodyweight centered and your back free of pressure points. Joining top-of-the-line ventilation with a bike tool organizational pocket, a helmet hook, and a fleece-lined media pocket, this offering from CamelBak sets the standard for MTB specific hydration packs.  See the full review->

Maloja Freeride Mate ½ Jersey

Maloja Freeride Mate ½ Jersey

Maloja’s sustainable and stylish approach to functional outdoor apparel is exemplified in their Freeride Mate ½ Jersey. The modest, natural pattern of stripes is a welcome breath of greens and browns in the current market of stifling neon. As stylish as the jersey is, Maloja puts function first – the lightweight, microbial-treated fabric is tough and repels odors, an ideal combination for multi-day tours.  See the full review->

Maloja Bosque Mota Shorts

Men's Maloja Shorts

Low-key and practical, the earthy plaid shorts sport zipper pockets in the front for secure storage and Velcro pockets on the rear and left leg. No belt needed, just tighten the inconspicuous inner waistband to fit. A stretchy insert is sewn above the rear pockets, so that you can climb in the saddle just as comfortably as you coast down hill. Pair this lightweight and stylish pair of shorts with the Freeride Mate ½ Jersey and you will be cruising in comfort and style before you can pronounce “Maloja”. See the full review->

Oakley Half Jacket 2

Oakley half jacket sunglasses.

Oakley has had their sights set on optical perfection for years. The Half Jacket 2.0 is a no-nonsense, high-performance set of shades cut to Oakley’s standards of protection and clarity. Comfortable on the nose, the sunglasses are designed not to slip even in the sweatiest of circumstances. There’s a reason that the U.S. Military deals exclusively with eyewear through Oakley, so protect and serve your eyeballs with the special-ops Half Jacket 2.0’s.  See the full review->

Five Ten Freerider VXi

Five Ten Freerider mt biking shoes.
For the clipless pedaler, a pair of sticky and sturdy MTB shoes makes all the difference. From cornering banks to popping off cliffs, the composite rubber outsoles of the Five Ten Freerider VXi can handle it. The ball of the foot is treadless and gooey, virtually fusing with the pedal’s cleats. These kicks from Five Ten will have your clip-in cronies kicking themselves and wishing they had stuck with flat pedals.  See the full review->

POC Trabec Race MIPS   

POC Trabec helmet.

The mad Swedish scientists are at it again at POC. The Trabec Race MIPS helmet is named not after some whimsical Swedish fjord, but the durable trabecular bone structure that inspired its creation. A reinforced EPS core and a PC shell are separated by a low friction layer in the patented MIPS system, so that when the head undergoes trauma energy is displaced throughout the shell. Confusing? All you need to know: this sucker saves lives.  See the full review->

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