The snow might be gone, but you can still participate in these fun summer activities to stay in shape for skiing and riding!

The hills and turns in trail running versus running on flat surfaces force you to focus more on your balance using different muscle groups as you work through more technical trail sections. Plus, the dirt is much more forgiving on your joints as opposed to the hard pavement.
Activities to Stay in Shape
Mountain biking is the closest you can get to feeling like you are skiing in the summer. Mountain and road biking keep your quads and core in great shape with minimal impact on your knees. It’s also an aerobic exercise that requires short bursts of intensity much like skiing.
Activities to Stay in Shape
If you enjoy the solitude of skiing empty slopes and being out in nature while engaging in a challenging sport- you’re going to like backpacking. Backcountry enthusiasts can especially benefit from carrying heavy packs up steep climbs at high altitudes.
Activities to Stay in Shape
I haven’t been rollerblading since middle school, but I hear it’s a great way to tone your legs. Just make sure you wear a few more layers than this guy in case you take a digger (or so you don’t look like a d-bag).
Activities to Stay in Shape


Sand Volleyball
If you are lucky enough to live near a court, sand volleyball is a fun way to work your legs, improve agility, get your heart rate up and make friends while doing it!
Activities to Stay in Shape
Paddle Boarding
Another great core workout. Try doing a few yoga poses on your board for a real challenge. Paddle boarding is great for staying cool and catching rays (while staying fit). Now that’s what summers are all about!
Activities to Stay in Shape

If you really want to get into tip-top shape you better be doing some of these elite fitness moves. Crossfit combines metabolic strength training and conditioning to help you perform your absolute best. Try some of these movements and see how you feel the next day (and perform the next winter!): Back and front squat, dead lift, snatch, box jump, pistol, knees to elbows.
Activities to Stay in Shape
It’s the ultimate on-land full body, low impact sport. Climbing will help keep you toned head to toe whether you’re climbing inside or outdoors.
Activities to Stay in Shape

Talk about tightening up your core! It might look like a goofy sport, but slack lining sharpens mental concentration and coordination while strengthening stabilizer muscles in your core, legs, and even feet. Just be sure to start out a little lower than this guy.
Activities to Stay in Shape
Sand Skiing
Who said you can’t ski in the summer? Grab some old sticks and head to the beach!
Activities to Stay in Shape
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  1. Kelsey Ostrander says:

    Cool read!! Liftopia was also featured in this article about off-season ski tips on the Evolve Snow Camps page

    • liftopia says:

      Thanks for sharing, Kelsey. We hope those summer work outs are helping you get ready for next ski season!

  2. Feri says:

    I prefer Paddleboarding and mountain hiking. These two activities are all I need during summer for all possible weathers out 🙂 btw, good guide for paddleboard beginners is here

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