Discovery is one of my favorite aspects of skiing.  I’m no pioneer but I’ll hike a good amount to find the perfect powder stash, a chute I can navigate or a (two foot) “cliff” I can huck.  Luckily for us, most of these spots were discovered long ago and creatively named.  I did some polling of the Liftopia crew and got amazing responses for the Top 5 Epic Ski Runs. “Epic” means different things to different skiers and riders but here’s a list of names that should sound familiar.  Go out and discover these trails…and bring your courage.

1.     KT-22 at Squaw ValleyOkay, I know.  This isn’t a trail, but picking from West Face Alternatives, Chute 75 or Jonny Moseley’s run (to name a few) is too hard.  This terrain is definitely advanced.  Watch for pros and sickos hitting the “Fingers” on a powder day.

ski runs

2.     East Castle at AltaThis requires a pretty hefty hike but that keeps some crowds out and you definitely earn your turns.  Steep, great snow that can get some decent wind buff.  It usually opens 1-2 days after a storm, so have some patience…it’s a virtue.

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3.     Bubblecuffer at SugarloafI grew up fearing this trail and reached manhood when I finally conquered it.  Start up in the Snow Fields for bigger turns before you’re required to keep it tight on this steep and hairy trail.

ski runs

4.     Corbets Couloir at Jackson Hole Well, at least you won’t be surprised midway through the run.  You literally have to “drop-in” at least 10 feet to start this gnarliest of gnarly runs.  Actually, once you’ve entered (and checked your drawers), it’s not that tough and the couloir accumulates a ton of snow.

ski runs

5.     White Heat at Sunday RiverThe name is just as epic as the terrain.  If you like moguls, this is what you’re looking for.  The long, sustained pitch sets up perfectly for bumps.  I promise your legs will be nice and worked after this run.

ski runs

Are these your tops? Maybe you can choose from some very honorable mentions. 

Honorable Mentions:


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31 responses to “Top 5 Epic Ski Runs”

  1. Bobjones says:

    Really, some East Coast shitty ass mogul runs vs cool natural lines The Big Couloir?

  2. EastCoastChumpChange says:


    Remember those East Coast shitty ass mogul runs are burly,icy and make ANY skier wicked awesome with practice. With the mastery of those runs the others are the progressive candy store you seek. Sure there are funner, more technical lines that will kill you if you screw the pooch but you gotta work up to everything. Respect the foundation, and keep settin your sights higher!

  3. Masrac13 says:

    Bubblecuffer is nothing compared to white nitro, Also try paradise at mad river glen and green beret at jay peak. Also the outer limits at killington is steeper than white heat.

  4. Masrac13 says:

    Top 10 Toughest Trails in The East coast
    10. Ripcord Mt Snow VT
    9. Avalanche Cannon NH
    8. K-27 Hunter MT NY
    7. FIS Sugarbush VT
    6. Black Line Magic MT VT
    5. Devils Playground Bolton Vally VT
    4. Upper Giant Killer Gore MT NY
    3. Goat Stowe VT
    2. White Nitro SugarLoaf VT
    1. Vertigo Jay Peak VT

    • Noshoes69 says:

      ^ not even close……..

    • leathers4cows says:

      paradise @MRG?
      spruce cliffs or Ruby Palace @ sunday river? (okay spruce isn’t on the maps any more but if you can find it the lines are still there)
      face chutes @ jay?
      Rumble @sugarbush?

      • Masrac13 says:

        Paradise should be in the 10 definately I missed that one, Same with the face chutes I left it out because its always closed when i go, You could probably argue a bunch at sugarbush also.

  5. Bluesky says:

    The “Heathen” at Sunlight Mountain in Glenwood Springs, Co. 52 degrees!!!

  6. Robskyle says:

    Wow, really? White Heat is the best you can come up with for the East? Or some crappy run on Attitrash? SUPERSTAR???? THAT’S NOT EVEN STEEP! Here’s an actual list of runs on the East worth skiing:

    1. DJ’s Tram Line, Cannon Mtn, NH (watch out for the 20 foot head wall half way down).
    2. Devil’s Fiddle, Killington (or even Outer Limits is better than Superstar).
    3. Growler, Killington.
    4. Huntington’s Ravine, Mt. Washington (Tuckermans is for tourists!)
    5. Anything on the Casablanca side of Saddleback Mtn, Maine.

    I’m so tired of everyone saying trails like Superstar and White Heat are, “the steepest in the East.” Ski Tram Line and tell me Superstar is steep. Go to Bear Mtn. on Killington and tell me Superstar is steep! Sorry to get so frustrated, but the East is never properly represented in any ski list I’ve ever read!

  7. Garypearlphotography says:

    Bubblecuffer, best of the east right there!

  8. UTLocal says:

    The (L)East should not even be on here. Not even in the top 100. No comparison – and don’t give me that icy bump BS. That’s just used to make least coast skiers feel good about themselves. I can always tell an EC skier on the hill, they are the ones in the back seat and skidding turns. Oh yeah, they also have a GoPro cam that they will invariably post to YouTube with a “gnar” label.

    • Masrac13 says:

      Strange how the best skiier around bode miller kicks all the west coast skiiers butt, thats because of the east coast ski conditions, Yea its tough jumping off things and landing in 5 feet of powder. if you can ski the east coast conditions you can ski anywhere. east coast ice 3 feet of blue ice looks like an ice cube, west coast ice 3 inches of powder.

      • UTlocal says:

        Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah…from every Easterner trying to justify their ant hills. Skiing ice makes you good… skiing ice. That’s it. It’s not an asset. BTW: ever heard of Ted Liggety? Yeah, he’s from Utah.

    • rebel says:

      i’m so much better than you!!!!

    • Ski says:

      Fuck off west coaster. Just because western runs have better conditions doesn’t make them steeper.

      There are plenty of eastern runs in the 40 degree range and back and side country in the 50 – 60 degrees.

    • John says:

      There are plenty of eastern trails with cliff jumps and powder aswell so shut the fuck up. You probably are just butthurt that you slipped and fell into a tree.

  9. Masrac13 says:

    Bubble cuffer is not even close and neither is devils fiddle. I cant speak for the west coast but Bubblecuffer is decent, Devils fiddle is pretty steep but White heat is for 70 year old ladies, Attitash doesent have anything steep at all, Superstar is for yuppies in may. Green beret and Vertigo glade at jay will make you cry, Black line at magic you have to go down a 15 foot cliff there is no other way, Superstar at mad river, you better be a superstar and The devils playground at bolton you better grab a tree if you mess up. As for white nitro at sugarloaf there probably is a reason for that net at the bottom. Of all the eastern trails listed the only ones i havent skiied are the ones at saddleback and i have heard they are the real deal.

  10. Masrac13 says:

    Here is someone elses list i found
    Hardest Mountains in the east+ 2 steepests trail there

    1 Whiteface Slides 44, Upper Skyward 38

    2 MRG Paradise 39 Fall Line 37

    3 Jay Green Beret 37, Face Chutes 35

    4 Sugarloaf White Nitro 39, Bubblecuffer 34

    5 Hunter Lower K27 44 Westway 40 upper Crossover 40

    6 Stowe Goat 38, National 37

    7 Sugarbush Black Diamond 36, Rumble 33

    8 Killington Lover Oviation 44 Outer Limits 38

    9 Gore Rumor 37, Lies 30, Lower Steilhang 32, Upper Darby 30

    10 Smuggs! Freefall 40, Liftline 38

    looks alot like mine

  11. D.C. says:

    That Alta picture is actually Mt. Superior just west of Alta. . .

    • D.C. says:

      Well, thanks for the effort in changing the photo, but still a fail. That’s not East Castle. here’s a photo: Also, in the honorables, it’s Regulator Johnson, not Regular. And it shouldn’t be on the list. Maybe Great Scott under the tram…

  12. Lpwcsw says:

    I’ve skied three out of the top 5, and two of the honorable mentions. Guess I’ll have to add the rest to my Bucket List.

  13. Frieda31077 says:

    The other guy is right. Thats Mount Superior. Also East Castle is rarely open. But despite the irresponsible reporting you are correct Alta is in fact amazing.

  14. Wild Bill says:

    Snowbird has better steep then any run you picked . Regulator Johnsons is a puusy trail; Alta on the same page

  15. White Heat – The Steepest, longest, widest, lift serviced trail in the east. Make sure you keep the commas in there 😉

  16. Greentrails says:

    White Heat? Huh? the only thing epic about that trail is dodging the gapers who want to claim they boarded/skied the “steepest, blah, blah, blah” trail in the east. As for bumps on that trail, lucky if they ever are more than one or two wide, barely getting beyond the edge of the lift. Very unlike the photo attached.

  17. Clydicus says:

    Mill Brook is a “secret” trail at Mad River Glen that is as scary as anything I’ve skied out west or in the Alps. Its a narrow chute where a stream cuts its way down the hill. Steep and narrow, pretty much walls on either side so there’s nothing to do but execute fast, tight turns…or just point straight down and hope for the best.

    UTlocal – save the ski snob routine. Its not ALWAYS ice and rocks out east. Our mountains are older and the rocks aren’t as jagged, so we don’t need 50 feet of snow to open. I’ve skied everywhere, and a fresh dump at Mad River Glen is still pretty much as good as it gets. Best part – no west coast douche bags!

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