There’s a ton of truth to that well-known maxim, Work hard. Play hard. And at Liftopia, we are not unfamiliar with it. In fact, we are constantly encouraged to take a break from the grind with weekly company happy hours & unlimited vacation. And, despite being an internet company AND a seemingly seasonal one, we’re not relaxing on our laurels during the Summer or at any other time, really. During the summer, we’re gearing up for next season, trying to get you the best deals possible come winter. During the fall, we’re trying hard to raise awareness about the amazing deals from your favorite resorts. During the winter, we’re meeting your demand for better lift ticket deals and vacation packages. And during the Spring, we’re gearing up for the following season. A lot of people wonder what we do during the summer, and the truth is this: We work harder. Seriously. The cycle never stops. Like Chuck Norris, we don’t sleep. (We wait).

SO – to break up the grind and bring some much needed distraction during those incredibly busy weeks, behold:

Liftopia’s Top 5 Office Toys and Break Time Distractions

1. Nerf Gun

Ah, the amazing classic nerf gun. Because super soakers aren’t such a great idea around electronic hardware. With the nerf gun, playful sneak attacks on unsuspecting co-workers happen and it’s not uncommon to see a monitor or two as the latest target for the unavoidable darts.

Watch out for nerf gun sneak attacks in the office!

2. Foursquare Ball

Before it was a geo-spatial location-based app, it was the stuff of grade school dreams. Remember anxiously awaiting the recess bell so you could be one of the few to grab a bouncy ball and be king of the foursquare court? It’s almost as satisfying as tetherball when you’re on a winning streak. At Liftopia, it’s a favorite nostalgic past-time, and when you see us playing, you’ll notice we’re not above the fake-outs and fancy serves.

Playing 4 square in the office is a great way to let loose for a bit!

3. Bongo Board

This is a favorite of the skaters and snowboarders amongst us. For me, it brings me back to my college days at UCSB, when I would blearily trip over my surfer roommate’s bongo board in the hallway on my quest for the bathroom. These days, I’ve made peace with the board and will sometimes hang out see-sawing back and forth while having impromptu meetings around the “water cooler” (ie. the sink).

test your balance on the bongo board

4. Remote-controlled Helicopters

Remote-controlled mini helicopters require a high-level of dexterity and hand-eye coordination that I’ve noticed is more common to the videogame-playing Liftopians. One of our helicopters has a red light which brings surprising amounts of amusement when used for evil.

Remote controlled helicopter soars through the air.

5. The Hover Shark

Look, I know. The hover shark is played out and soooo cliche for an internet company. But. These things are SRS BZNZ. Consider procuring one just for the team-building (or family-bonding!) exercise that is putting it together. Needless to say, we’re all kind of experts at putting these together after testing our skills with three. (Yup. Count ’em – THREE.) There’s also an incredible satisfaction flying these that is closely related to flying a mini helicopter. Sadly, one of our hover sharks escaped and is probably in hover shark heaven (or someone’s rooftop). Interesting FACTS to note: One, there is a helium shortage in the United States. And, two, supermarket employees really hate filling those things up with helium.

Flying sharks- what more could you ask for?

There you have it. These are just 5 of the top office toys at our humble place of work. Which toys are highly regarded at your place of work? Are there any that are must-haves?

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3 responses to “Top 5 Office Toys and Distractions at Liftopia”

  1. Diana says:

    I miss hover shark 3 🙁 RIP. We need to duck tape another 4-square court soon!

  2. Shaun says:

    when I was at UCSB, my roommates tripped over my Indo Board (cousin of the bongo board) all the time!

  3. Samuel Rossetti says:

    I love the Bongo Board! I wish I could fit my Vew-Do Board in my cube.

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