What are the Top 5 Scenic Resort Views? Let’s be real here, it’s pretty tough to narrow down the best ski resort views by using a Top 5 list, so I’ll fall back on my go to blog quandary technique – just pick my fav’s, and you can argue your fav’s in the comments section, and we can create a real list poised for world domination (oh the power of feedback).

In fun fashion, we’ll start in reverse order (drumroll please) – at number 5:

5. Snowbird, Utah

Scenic Resort Views

Any resort named the No. 1 ski resort in North America in 2008 by Outside Magazine has to have some really great qualities (I mean really, Utah itself is actually one big postcard).  Snowbird is located in the Little Cottonwood Canyon, in the Wasatch Range of the Rockies. This popular resort offers some of the most challenging powder skiing and snowboarding around. Snow lovers of all levels and types can enjoy more than 4700 acres of skiable slopes (not to mention nearby Alta Ski Area). This area gets an average of more than 500 inches of snowfall per year, and is known for its nice long skiing season.  Once all that fine snow has melted, the resort turns into a summer mountain oasis for hikers, mountain bikers, fisherman, and vacationers from all around the world.

4. Ski Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine

Scenic Resort Views

See how tough this is getting. I’m sure I’m going to get an ear full at the next ski conference from my friends at Banff about this ridiculous rank and it’s all because these resorts are truly located in special places.  I really like the way the Banff folks put it: quite simply, three ski areas and two mountain towns set in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff National Park (boom).  Banff truly creates the essence of unspoiled wilderness skiing. It’s rare to find ski areas in the middle of real wilderness, but when you arrive, your vacation is given plenty of time to enjoy the majestic peaks, gorgeous woodlands, roaming wildlife and fantastic snow.

The Lake Louise Ski area was the proud recipient of the WestJet Up! Magazine 2009 Value Award, and with over 4,200 acres of terrain spread across four mountain faces, Lake Louise offers some pretty sweet skiing and riding.  When visiting Lake Louise, be sure to take your camera because the crazy views of mountains, glaciers, lakes, and forests are truly special.

3.    Le Massif, PQ, Canada

Scenic Resort Views

Many will say that it’s worth going to Le Massif just for the view, but everything else is great as well.  Tucked a little further away, Le Massif draws you into it’s beauty every mile of the way – mix in the powder and the spectacular view, and this a must destination for any snow lover.  It has the highest vertical east of the Canadian Rockies, with unique views of the St. Lawrence River.

Our friends at Le Massif describe it best: at one hour East of Québec City, Le Massif offers the highest vertical drop east of the Canadian Rockies (2,625 ft.). With its indomitable skia terrain and angled slopes that seem to sweep straight into the sea, the mountain is also renowned for its impressive snowfall with over 22 ft. annually with close to 100 acres of off-trail terrain. Slide enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled!

2. Alyeska, Alaska

Scenic Resort Views

Some will argue (actually a lot will argue) that the gorgeous view of Cook Inlet from Alyeska is one of the best views if not THE best of any ski resort in the world.  Being a Tahoe skier, I tend to lean toward water views, and with Alyeska you get a sick view of the ocean surrounded by beautiful mountains and glaciers (I mean really, don’t send a blogger to do a poet’s job).

From the base, you can easily hike a nature trail or ride a bike path up 2,300 ft. to the top of Mt. Alyeska, or take the scenic Aerial Tram. For the active and those who appreciate endless Alaskan views, Alyeska offers an unmatched view and mountain experience. Alyeska resort offers 1,400 skiable acres, 73 named trails and over 650″ of snow annually.  Whether you are just starting out or looking to challenge yourself, you can find it at Alyeska.

1. Homewood, California

Scenic Resort Views

I may be a little biased here since Tahoe is my backyard (I guess that’s the perks of writing the blog), but when you host an ongoing photography contest pretty much based around your view, and your tag-line is “Tahoe’s most beautiful view;” you’d expect Homewood to be near the top of almost everyone’s view list.  Actually, any view of Tahoe will demand attention, but Homewood which is located south of Tahoe City in the town of Homewood, precisely on the western shore of Lake Tahoe, certainly has some of the most beautiful views of the lake.

Homewood resort has a top elevation of 2402m, with an area of 1260 acres devoted to sport enthusiast; the resort is a perfect place for snow lovers of all types and levels.

Homewood is the only Tahoe resort that is directly adjacent to the west coast, so the view spans directly across the lake, creating views that are nothing less than beautiful and amazing (I’ve had some well spent time staring out at that lake shaking off long work weeks)…and sprinkle down the average snowfall of 480+ inches, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable ski vacation courtesy of Homewood ski resort.

That’s all I got folks. I look forward to hearing your feedback – let me know what I did, what I didn’t, and what resorts you think trump my spots.

I’m the “new guy” that joined the Liftopia team in June and I’m loving it!  I’m a Tahoe skier, but in the summer you can find me paddling out at Ocean or Rockaway Beach (do your best to help protect our mountains and oceans).


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6 responses to “Top 5 Scenic Resort Views You Don’t Want to Miss”

  1. Joseph Longo says:

    Homewood has some nice views, but I think Diamond Peak’s are even better. Heavenly at least matches Homewood as well with the views coming down ridge run.

    • Greg Champion says:

      JL, good stuff, and you bundled the all the resorts I also had in the running, but there can only be one, so I went with my go-to-view – (we all know Tahoe has sick 360 views so you can’t go wrong, even from the nose-bleeds), thanks for reading, you’re the man (follow me on twitter: @decentsea)!

  2. Coming out of the (through the mountain) tunnel at the bird into the mineral basin is as spectacular as I’ve ever seen.

    • Greg Champion says:

      For all of you trying to visualize JD’s mid-summer
      office day dream – at Snowbird, riding the conveyor lift from the top of
      Peruvian, through the mountain (literally, you’re in a tunnel) to Mineral
      Basin…pretty cool stuff (follow me on twitter at: @decentsea)!

  3. Brad Wilson says:

    Thanks for the props Joesph. Here’s a nice Diamond Peak view shot.

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