Ski Lift Ticket Trends: Dreaming of snow

The Liftopia office is buzzing.

Every season skiers and snowboarders start to get the itch.  It could be a cool breeze that catches you the right way, the change in the way the light falls on the trees, or if you are like me the first dream I had about skis gliding effortlessly through perfect powder.  Leg strength and physical fitness anxiety to make “effortlessly” a reality aside, I can’t wait for this season and everyone at Team Liftopia is getting excited.

With that I wanted to share some of the lift ticket trends we are seeing alongside some strategy guidance as to how to make the most of the season.  And with resorts starting to make snow soon (Loveland even has a countdown timer on its website as to when they crank up the snow guns) the season is right around the corner.

#1 – Buy in advance and save, buy farther in advance save more.

Much like airlines and hotels, the farther you buy in advance the more you will save on your lift ticket deals.  Resorts will give you a better deal when you commit farther in advance of your trip.  Here is a snapshot of the average savings on adult lift tickets last season on Liftopia. Make sure you snap up the best deals far in advance!

Ski Lift Ticket Trends: Savings by Days Out

 #2 – Ticket window prices will go up again.

Wait, increasing prices, how dare they!?!  Well, it is not that resorts are more expensive this year, it is simply that window prices are going to be moving higher in most parts of the country in favor of better deals available online in advance (see point #1 above). Window prices are not what you need to pay in order to go skiing, you simply need to buy them in advance. In most cases you’ll actually be able to get lower prices than at the window last year.

#3 – Like hotels/airlines – different prices for different days.

Resorts are finding great ways to give you access to even better deals, primarily in the form of date specific tickets that you buy online in advance (you sense a trend here?).  Resorts will often offer more savings during off peak times and many of you will remember our Christmas Day sale as one of the best deals of the season as many folks are in celebrating the holiday.  Expect prices to vary day to day and change at any time, so if you spot a good deal be sure to jump on it!

Ski Lift Ticket Trends: Canyons Resort variable pricing

 Example of variable pricing of Canyons Resort lift tickets

 #4 – Shop deals going away.

Ski shops/grocery stores/etc will see fewer ticket deals than in the past and instances when they exist they will do so at higher prices.  Before our friend Google launched, resorts put tickets in many different outlets to give customers access to great deals.  Now that they have great ecommerce tools on the internet, you now can find those deals through Liftopia and in some cases through resorts’ websites.  No need to drive around, the tickets are right at your fingertips!

#5 – Skiing/Snowboarding will remain awesome.

No matter how you buy your skiing, whether it be a season pass, something unique like The Mountain Collective (which gets you access to Alta, Aspen/Snowmass, Jackson Hole and Squaw/Alpine), or simply lift tickets through Liftopia to a resort you have always wanted to try, those wintry dreams you are having right now will come true.  We look forward to seeing you out there living them.

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5 responses to “Top 5 Ski Lift Ticket Trends For 2012/13”

  1. vande424 says:

    I wouldn’t act proud of limiting the number and deals of shop and grocery store discounts, those are usually actual tickets that are good any day of the week for a constant low price that I have found to be lower than Liftopia’s. I used Liftopia a couple times two years ago because it was cheap, but found that last year the deals were not nearly as good and you could barely get any discount at all on the weekends…..

  2. rockyliving_cascadeorigin says:

    or anyone can go ski Mt Baker. Some of the best skiing and cheapest prices. If you dont want the lines, crowds, prices, and resort atmosphere but would like endless powder, awesome food/drink, cheap prices, short lift lines and a great vibe then this would be the place for you.

  3. swampwiz says:

    I’ll be going to Krasnaya Polyana, where the 2014 Olympics will be held (i.e., Sochi) in Russia. About $30 for a day – and oh yes, 1700 METERS downhill. Screw American skiing.

  4. Vince says:

    The prices should be much much lower than that. In the Alpes , one of the best places to ski in the world, the prices are half on what you have here.

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