In case you haven’t heard, the 5th Annual National Play Hooky & Ski Week is fast approaching. Grab your family, friends and (trusted) co-workers and ditch school, work or your other obligations to hit the slopes from March 7-11, 2016. In need of further convincing? Here are seven benefits of playing hooky and squeezing in some extra time on the slopes next week!

1. Your mind, body & soul will benefit from sunshine and fresh air.

Work, school and life can be stressful, and if you don’t make time for some R&R, you’ll eventually burn out. Plus, studies have shown exercising outdoors improves attention & focus, gives you more energy, decreases pain and stress, and boosts Vitamin D levels. So, nip high blood pressure, migraines, and ulcers in the bud and let yourself enjoy a carefree day on the slopes.

2. Life is too short to spend eight hours of your day indoors five days a week.

Head to the mountains, breathe in the fresh, crisp air, and enjoy the views as you’re shushing down the slopes.

3. Tip the work-life balance in favor of life for a change.

39% of Americans work more than a typical workweek (40 hours). Schedule some downtime next week, get moving on your skis or board, and remember that a little relaxation goes a long way. Chances are you’ll be much more productive once you’re back in action at the office or library.

4. Sick, vacation and personal days are likely included in your benefits.

83% of employees report going to work sick because they’re afraid they’ll be punished for missing, and 36% of Americans don’t plan to use all of their vacation days. But… In the working world, you’re supposed to use them.  You’ve earned them. Just do it!

5. Less traffic means more time on the mountain.

When traveling to your favorite ski area during the week, you’ll be avoiding crazy weekend traffic, meaning you’ll get more time on the mountain.

6. Wide open slopes, empty lift lines & great lift tickets deals.

Think about it. Most people are working or in school during the week… which means wide open slopes, empty lift lines & great lift ticket deals when you buy in advance. The mountains are calling and you must go!

7. Your office/classroom will function without you for a day.

This might sound crazy, but it’s true… Your office/classroom will function without you for a day. We promise.

Convinced? We hope so. Play hooky & hit the slopes next week. You deserve it!


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  1. matthughes says:

    This is my field of expertise.

    I can confirm the veracity of this story.

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