Psst! What did you get your stoked sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry. We’re still shopping too. But we at Liftopia HQ compiled all our ideas and wish lists together to present to you this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for the skiers, snowboarders, and mountain town lovers that you love the most.

Upgraded gear for your skiing sweetheart

2020 gear (via Liftopia’s buyer’s guides). If you know your partner has their eye on new boots, skis, a jacket, or more, consider upgrading their gear, or at least showing them a short list of ideas and having them choose what they want. Check out our recent buyer’s guides for hard goods and soft goods or outerwear for ideas.

So your adventurer can stay snuggly

Rumpl blankets. From $99. Puffy blankets and sherpa blankets from Rumpl come in different weights, sizes, colors, and patterns, making them a great gift for you and your partner to get cozy. Perfect for camping, cozying up in the car on the way up the mountain, or just for lounging around the lodge.

To show you never want to lose the one you love

Barryvox Avalanche Beacon. $350. A sad truth is that after one hour, only one in three victims buried in an avalanche is found alive. An avalanche beacon is an absolute must-have for every snow sport enthusiast. This Barryvox one has a search strip width of 70 meters, and while the price tag is steep, it’s a small price to pay for your loved one’s safety. Consider going a step up and signing up for avy training. Over at the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, you can find upcoming courses near you. The site shows hundreds of classes across the country.

For a sensible take on underwear

Smartwool underwear. From $25. If you’re looking for a more intimate gift, get a little more adventurous and yet practical for your sweetheart. Smartwool makes merino wool underwear that include panties, sports bras, camisoles, briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers. Their underwear is made from moisture-wicking, odor-resistant merino wool and the fibers are wrapped around a nylon core for increased durability.

For your cultured sweetheart

James Niehues’ new book. $90. During his 30-year career, ski artist James Niehues painted more than 300 trail maps for ski resorts around the world. His new book, The Man Behind the Maps: Legendary Ski Artist James Niehues, recently came out and is the perfect addition to every skier and snowboarder’s coffee table.

Throw them shade. Literally.

Sunski sunglasses. From $48. Throw some shade at your sweetheart. Sunski’s polarized sunglasses are all original styles (making them a truly unique gift!), flexible and lightweight, and made from recycled resin (hello, sustainability!). They have a range of options for everyday and for sports, including their Alpine Collection, with removable sun shields and magnets.

Wellness kit to unwind after a day on the slopes

Candle from P.F. Candle Co. $20. Tell your sweetheart to light up back at the cabin after a long day of shredding. P.F. Candle Co has a nice collection of different scents – like Sandalwood Rose, Patchouli Sweetgrass, Black Fig, Sweet Grapefruit, and even Teakwood & Tobacco – which offer a nice departure from the usual vanilla or lavender scents. The small jars are stylish and sturdy, making them easy to toss into a suitcase for the weekend (and good to look at, too).

Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution. $18 (for a pack of 2). If you’re lucky enough to have a big bathtub at your cabin, have your loved one treat themselves to a nice epsom salt soak to soothe tired or achy muscles. Consider packing  2 cups of salt into a nice mason jar for a nice gift presentation. (Come on, don’t be lazy!)

All About Apres Wooden Koozie. $30. So now your partner’s in the tub. Make sure they have this koozie (or is it coozy?) to protect their beer can from the hot bath.

Vivocci Unbreakable Elegant Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses. $14 (for a set of 2). Good for your wino lover, or gift for yourself, or even to bring to the next ski trip with all your buddies: a set of stemless, unbreakable wine glasses. Stemless means you don’t have to worry as much about glasses tipping when you perch them on the side of the hot tub. And unbreakable because, well, unbreakable.

Beauty kit to repair skin after spending the day on the mountain

A day of skiing or snowboarding means potential for sunburn, windburn, and dry skin. What sounds like a bummer could actually just mean opportunity for a good gift! Grab one (or all!) of the below skin essentials to help your sweetheart tackle their cold weather skin issues:

Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum. $17. When it comes to skin care, one of the most crucial elements is vitamin C. Why? It’s a building block to collagen, which keeps your skin plump and elastic. It’s also essential to skin healing, especially when you’ve been outside all day. 

LAPCOS Aloe Sheet Mask. $14 (per 5-pack). After being out all day and potentially having a sunburn or windburn, this mask is great for repairing skin and for relaxing. Each mask comes individually wrapped so they’re easy to travel with. To use, simply unfold the mask, leave on skin for up to 20 minutes, and remove and discard the mask. Let the serum soak into your or your loved one’s skin. No need to wash. 

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask. $48. Once you’ve applied vitamin C serum and finished the aloe sheet mask, you’ll want to seal in all that good skin food with this rich hydrating cream. This cream is super hydrating and has a light fresh scent. Generously apply to that gorgeous mug of yours, then rinse with water in the morning.

A romantic getaway

Ski hotels in any region on Liftopia. We weren’t not going to suggest Liftopia. But other than this being a shameless plug, you should check us out so you can search all the best ski hotels in one handy dandy website. As you search the site, you’ll see we have hotels categorized for nightlife, ski-in/ski-out, whether it meets just the essentials, and lots more.

Nice cardstock to print out the details of that getaway because you bought it last minute and it’s actually for later in the year

Neenah Creative Collection Specialty Cardstock Starter Kit. $7 (currently on sale from $16). Hey, no judgment. It’s the thought that counts, and your partner will be thrilled you booked a trip in advance. Just make it cute and print it on some cool cardstock, ok? 

When all else fails, stick with a classic.

Flowers and candy. They’re classics for a reason. These days, there are all kinds of services and brands that offer premium presentation and packaging, without making you break the bank. Consider ordering a fresh flower delivery from TheBouqs, Farmgirl Flowers, or UrbanStems. Or candy from Sugarfina or Marie Belle. In the end, it’s the thought that counts.

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