The mountains often bring out the kid in all of us. And sometimes kids are just the inspiration we require to get out among the mountains and soak up a little curiosity and fun. Here are our top 5 video picks of kids crushing it on the slopes. 

1. The First Jump

Need a little inspiration to take a leap? Whether it’s some inspiration on or off the ski hill, this fourth grader has it nailed.

 2. Boarding Like a Boss

 3. The Hockey Stick Method

Your kid can’t turn? No problem, just hook him.

Honorable Mentions

4. Totally Legit: Little Kid Falls Asleep While Skiing

Skiing tires you out – sometimes you just need a little snooze to keep you going.

5. PIZZA!!!!!!!!!

The panic in finding pizza has never been so strong.


Celebrating the Kid in All of Us

Who would say no to a little more imagination in their life? Always inspiring us, #weloveyoujp.

Have a favorite or inspiring video? Share it with us in the comments!

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One response to “VIDEOS: Top 5 Video Picks Of Kids Crushing It On The Slopes”

  1. Blake smith says:

    I think this little guy deserves an honourable mention! 17months old rippin it up in BC

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