Why not grab a beer, reminisce about après ski and give your skis or board a wax this September? Whether you’re a seasoned waxer or new to tuning your gear, here are some tips and reasons behind picking up an iron.

1. Waxing and tuning puts a better feel into your equipment

“There’s only one simple answer for why I wax my own skis. To go fast!” – Ford Swette, Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Calgary, Alberta / Whistler, BC

Waxing and tuning your skis is all about putting a better feeling into your equipment and taking care of them. Properly waxed skis or a board means you’ll be able to ride better and faster. Properly tuned edges are important for control and safety. We put a lot of trust in our gear, and we pay big bucks for it. A little love and care means you not only enjoy your time on your skis or board, but the investment means you can keep your equipment working as it is intended to, and gives it some longevity.

Here's Why You Should Wax and Tune Your Skis & Snowboard

PHOTO: Dave Best

2. You can never wax too much  

“My skis aren’t waxed, ever. Because ice is already slippery enough.” – Brody Leven, Tourist

There’s no such thing as waxing your skis too much. (Brody, are you reading this?) But the truth is, many of us are probably not waxing enough. (Ahem, Brody.) It really is personal preference and depends on your budget and time, but ideally, waxing your skis every three to four days on the hill is a good rule of thumb to follow. And, beware of factory wax! If you just bought a new pair of skis, give them a tune before you hit the slopes. Factory wax will wear quickly, causing friction, burning and damage to the base of your skis or board.

3. Start with a professional tune-up

“Waxing your own skis is a great activity to do with a beer. It’s almost relaxing and meditative.” – Drew Wittstock, Rocky Mountain Freerider Coach, Lake Louise, AB

Not sure when to wax and tune your skis? The answer is it’s all in the feeling and largely depends on what kind of snow you’ve been riding on. (Or, if you’re thirsty for a beer, wax them anyways.) Are you having trouble keeping up with your friends? Are your edges dull? These are a couple questions you can ask yourself. If you’re new to waxing and tuning, go get a professional tune up and get to know how your gear feels when it is in top-shape. After that, you’ll be able to feel when it is time to give them some TLC. And maybe even do it on your own. In this video, Yohann from Underground Tuning in Whistler, BC shows you how to wax a snowboard:

Really, when it comes down to it, waxing your skis or board is a lot like waxing your body hair, it all comes down to personal preference. Talk to your equipment, find out if they need some love. And if you’re thirsty, grab a beer and wax them anyways.

Want more tips on how to get your gear ready for the upcoming season? We’ve got you covered.


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4 responses to “Waxing and Tuning Your Skis & Snowboard”

  1. Brody Leven says:

    shoot; I was caught. yes, I’m reading it!

    and i’ve literally never waxed my skis.

  2. Tom Watson says:

    Get caught on a icy slope with dull edges just once and you will tend to cahnge your thoughts about the necessity of tuning and waxing. “Factory wax will wear quickly, causing friction, burning and damage to the base of your skis or board”.

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