Introducing Jennifer Arenz, our ski trip winner!

How did you hear about Liftopia?

I did a Google search last year, looking for discounted lift tickets to one of the ski resorts in Lake Tahoe.  I found that Liftopia was offering a discount for the ski area I was going to, and purchased my tickets through the Liftopia website.

What made you decide to enter Liftopia’s sweepstake?

I entered completely on a whim after seeing an email from Liftopia saying something to the effect of “You definitely WANT to win this ski trip!”  I very rarely ever enter contests or sweepstakes.  Really, I can’t remember the last time that I did.  After experiencing a “rough” year, having lost my father and my aunt, I guess I just thought I deserved to win something special and great and decided to “throw my name in the hat”.  Did I REALLY think I’d win??  NO!  But how exciting the night I saw my name in the Facebook status declaring me the winner.  I couldn’t believe it, thought there had to be some kind of a trick!

Have you won anything through a sweepstakes before now?

I have never won anything like this before.  Over the years I have won some smaller prize items through raffles at local events in the town I live in, but nothing anywhere near this caliber of prize.

Where did you learn to ski?

When I was in high school, I learned at Mt. Hood in Oregon.


Mammoth Mountain

Jennifer Arenz at Mammoth Mountain

Have you ever been to Park City?

I have been to Park City, but it’s been something like 12-15 years ago – long enough that I can’t remember!

Who are you going to bring as your guest?

A long-time friend of mine.  The last time I went to Park City was with her.  While she is not an avid skier anymore, she has taken me on multiple tropical vacations that she has won as rewards through her employer, so it’s my turn to repay the favor.

What are you most excited for on this trip? 

Everything!  Fingers crossed for some Utah powder, and I’ve never stayed slope side before.  Just looking forward to the adventure!

Prize Package:

A big thank you to everyone who entered our sweepstakes. We have some surprises up our sleeve for later in the season so be sure to keep checking our Facebook wall. We’ll be sure to check back in with Jennifer after her trip to hear all about it too.  Happy Skiing!

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One response to “Introducing the winner of Liftopia’s Super Rad VIP You Definitely Want To Win This Ski Trip! ….Jennifer Arenz!”

  1. moose says:

    Jennifer……Congratulations to you……Nothing personal, but I was hoping an New England skier would win…We only get to ski on ice….Have a great time

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