Have you ever taken the time to think about how many ski areas you’ve been to in your life?  Whether or not you’ve been to more mountains than your friends & family members?  Or maybe whether or not you’ve been to more than some Olympians?  Here at the Liftopia HQ, we think about these things.  A lot.  Which is why we decided to create the Where I’ve Skied Challenge last Fall.

The Where I’ve Skied Challenge enabled users to create a gallery of the ski resort logos of all of the places they had been to, share that gallery with their friends, and then see how they stack up compared to other skiers & riders in their networks.  As a recap, here’s what we found last Spring:

We were really excited by the number of folks who were into the Where I’ve Skied Challenge, and so we decided to give it a fresh design and some awesome new features over the Summer.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve already created your gallery – check out the updates below, and then head on over to the app to take the challenge!

Update your Where I've Skied gallery!
Much like last year, you’ll still be able to create a list of all of the ski areas you’ve been to.  This year, you’ll also be able to mark your favorite ski areas and all of the places you learned.

Add or remove ski areas you've been to, learned at, or simply love.
Last year, when you were done creating your gallery, the app generated an image of all of the ski resort logos of the places you had been to.  Now, when you’re done adding resorts to your gallery, you’ll be able to save, view and share an awesome infographic displaying your very own personal ski data.

Custom infographics for each Where I've Skied user!
You’ll also be able to challenge your friends – have you been to more ski areas than they have?  Do you share the same favorites?  Did you learn at the same mountains?

Have you been to more ski areas than your friends? Challenge them!
And finally, you can figure out how you stack up against everyone else who has taken the challenge.

See how you stack up against everyone else.
Well, what are you waiting for?  Take the Where I’ve Skied Challenge, share your infographic with your friends & family, and let us know how many you’ve been to!

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2 responses to “Presenting Liftopia’s Where I’ve Skied Challenge”

  1. @ginabegin says:

    61! And this is such a fun app. 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    Is the “Where I’ve Skied” app still available? link just takes you to the Liftopia FB page. Thanks…

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