As the largest retailer of lift tickets online, one of the fun things about working at Liftopia is playing around with all the cool data we’ve collected over the years (in the very geekiest sense of the word ‘fun’ and second to skiing, of course). It can be sliced and diced in a million different ways, and each time we start sifting through the data with a particular goal in mind, we inevitably come across a handful of other interesting insights along the way, each giving a glimpse into the habits of skiers around the world.

One of the cool nuggets I came across recently was data showing where skiers living in different parts of the country prefer to ski. As one of our biggest markets of skiers, New York City seemed like an obvious place to start. Despite NYC’s fast-paced, no sleep, hustle and bustle reputation, New Yorkers do, in fact, appreciate a break from it all for a day, a weekend or even longer to get in a few turns on the slopes.

So here’s where New Yorkers go when they ski locally (resorts within 250 miles as the crow flies), and where they go when they travel a little farther to get on the slopes (resorts farther than 250 miles from the city):

Local Resorts

1. Windham, New York

2. Killington, Vermont
3. Mountain Creek, New Jersey
4. Camelback, Pennsylvania
5. Hunter Mountain, New York

Mountain Creek is the closest resort to the city that made the list, perfect for a quick day trip or weekend getaway, but interestingly (although not surprisingly), Killington took the #2 spot despite being close to a 5 hour drive. Stowe was also a contender for Top 5 Local Resorts, but fell just outside of our 250 mile ‘local’ cut-off as the crow flies.

Top Destination Resort

1. Park City, Utah

2. Canyons, Utah
3. Copper Mountain, Colorado
4. Snowbird, Utah
5. Snowbasin, Utah

Apparently New Yorkers have a soft spot for Utah, taking four of the five spots for top destination resorts, despite the fact that overall we sell slightly more lift tickets to Colorado than Utah. The accessibility and diversity of Utah’s skiing is hard to deny, especially if you’re trying to maximize a quick break from the city with a direct flight in and out of Salt Lake City, and the option to ski a different resort within driving distance each day of your trip. Nevertheless, Copper Mountain can certainly hold its own as a New Yorker ski destination, with nearly 2,500 acres of varied terrain for beginners and experts alike without the need to drive once you arrive, all less than two hours from Denver International Airport.

If you’re a New Yorker, are there any resorts your neighbors are seriously missing out on, near or far, or did they pretty much hit the nail on the head when choosing where to ski on Liftopia?

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17 responses to “Where New Yorkers Ski”

  1. I H* NY skiing says:

    And this is why I avoid Hunter at all costs and Windham at most costs. Too many dumb people on skis, and worse, snowboards.

  2. Dan Gallagher says:

    Belleayre is the true local spot. Noone knows about it due to the lack of advertisements. This is due to the restrictions against how much state owned mountains can spend on advertising. I live in Queens, ride 20 times a year and always stick with Belleayre and Gore. They are affordable and offer all the riding a person can ask for without all the bells and whistles. Gore even has a gondola and almost as many skiable acres as Killington.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i live in brooklyn, and make it a point to go to windham on any free sunday and typically killington for extended weekends.
    this list is dead on– except mountain creek SUCKS and is not worth the 90 minute drive from my house. i’d rather sit in the car an hour longer and go to windham.

  4. Frankie M says:

    Mountain Creek is the best bet as a local mountain… Belleayre is also another great choice… both a significantly closer to new york than any of the others…

  5. Sarah says:

    When they go to Colorado they pick Copper? Pssshhhttt. Copper sucks. C’mon NYers, you can do better than that. Try skiing something with a pitch.

    • john kelly says:

      Really? The back bowls of Copper are a blast and who can complain about free backcountry cat trips? Who cares about pitch when I am tearing through a foot of fresh in the sick Glades of Copper?!?! You can have your “pitch”, I’ll take freshies and fun anytime.

  6. Robert says:

    Which is exactly why Vermonters DON’T ski at Killington unless it’s during the week!

  7. RaceNastar says:

    I see lots of NYC, downstate NY, and northern NJ visitors at Gore Mountain. Many are season pass holders and seem to have weekend places in the area. Your facts and figures don’t include those type visitors. Check out Gore if you are interested in a laid back, family friendly mountain, with lots of variety and good snow making and grooming.

  8. Craig says:

    Ryan, you should try snowskating it is easy and super fun! no boots or bindings total freedom! it is the next level of comfort! are you in Tahoe? there is some good comps in March, the Ralston cup March 10 and the Minus seven melle March 17. Please do not go back to skiing or boarding!

  9. Tom says:

    As long as Plattekill stays off the New York list, I will be a happy skier!!

  10. Billtart says:

    I’m in the Pocono’s right now went to Camelback Wednesday and Shawnee today! Small mountains, But close to Long Island, Good size for my kids, Prices are great, under $50 per day, $46 Holiday day on Liftopia and the slopes are empty during Presidents week and there is 5 different mountains within 30 Min! Also driving through Jersey is always a bonus saving 30. per gallon on gas as to on LI! Surprised Jiminy Peak didn’t make the list! About the same time as Hunter, Myself and people I know go pretty often!

  11. Tom says:

    When all you get is ICE, it’s no wonder NY’ers charge west for some of the deepest dryest POW around. Just don’t go to Wyoming.

  12. greg padley says:

    I’m partial to Mount Peter in Warwick, NY because i’m local and work there but also because it’s a family place. My kids learned there and love it. New Yorkers looking for a friendly beginner mountain should check out Mount Peter in Warwick, NY. It’s about an hour from NYC.

  13. Jointemail says:

    mountain creek sucks windhamm is a good place, i also just came from hunter this week and it also was a great mountain to ride, i prefer windhamm, if you want powder than vermont will be your best choice.

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  15. New York rocks. Check out Plattekill, Gore, McCauley, Snow Ridge, Whiteface, the list goes on and on.

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