Whiteface Mountain, in Wilmington, New York hosted the 1980 Olympic Alpine ski racing events and is still a venue for world-class competition and now offers a new learning program for future Olympians.

While racers are carving through gates and tracking times in hundredths of seconds on the upper mountain, skiing, of sorts, is a quite a bit milder down on the Mixing Bowl.

Mixing Bowl is the learning area under a big school bell where thousands of soon-to-be skiers have been taught to ski under ever evolving teaching techniques. And now, thanks the new and innovative “Rossignol Experience” a lot of those wannabes will be finding how sweet and easy turning can be on rocker skis.

I’ve been touting for a couple of years that early rise and tip rockers can lift an intermediate skier to a new level and feel a little like Seth or Lynsey ripping through crud and floating in the pow. Notice that I did qualify that with ‘a little like.’

The point here is that it’s all about the rocker making turning easier and less likely to catch a tip. So it just makes sense to teach beginners on a ski that facilitates turning and Whiteface has partnered with Rossignol to add a fleet of the Rossignol Experience series.

The Whiteface PSIA Ski School has been schooled in how the rocker technology works and has embraced the introduction of the Rossignol Experience.

Whiteface Mountain

In partnering up with Rossignol for the Experience learning program, Whiteface joins a prestigious list of other resorts committed to rocker learning:

If you’re in the Northeast, plan a week at Whiteface, stay in Lake Placid, voted Olympic village and perennial winner of the top destination for Off Hill activities by readers of SKI Magazine, and get yourself schooled in the Rossignol Experience.

Personally, I give Rossignol a lot of credit for incorporating rocker technology into a standardized leaning program. I give more credit to Whiteface for embracing the program and demonstrating that rocker technology isn’t just about powder.

Rossignol Park and Pipe skis with rocker technology

I recently spent a day skiing the “Face” on a pair of rockers and it just made a long day on the most vertical in the east seem effortless.

Believe me, there’s a big place for rocker technology in the Northeast and it starts at Whiteface – try it and you’ll be rockered for good.

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