First snow. The moment those first snowflakes fall, visions of winter days making turns down the mountain instantly take shape. I always get giddy inside thinking about what the season will bring. Lately I’ve been pondering the question of “Why I ski?”

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As a mom of two little boys (age two and four), skiing is a lot of work! By the time we finally make it out onto the snow, inevitably one of the kids is having a meltdown. But the moment we are all skiing down the bunny hill, laughing and screaming, I know exactly why I ski. I ski because it’s where memories are made. I ski because during those tech-free moments I am connecting with my kids, and more importantly, myself. I ski because it keeps me young and free, no matter how old I get. I ski because I can.

I asked a few of my friends why they ski/snowboard. Here is what they had to say:
I ski because I like the feeling of gravity and speed.  Herwig D.

We ski together because not only does it revive the soul to be in the outdoors together, it is a wonderful way to connect through the generations. I remember sitting on a chairlift with my five-year-old son and my 71-year-old father thinking, “How cool is this?” This year, we will be skiing with my now 11 and 14 year old boys and my 80-year-old father… even “cooler”! – Karen A. 

I ski because it’s what our family does together. My family taught me to ski and I taught my children to ski. Some of my favorite, most meaningful conversations with my dad and three siblings happened on the chairlift or the ski hill. I hope to have those conversations with my children. – Kathy D. 

I ride because it’s true freedom. It’s just you and the mountain. You don’t have to worry about that report that is due or the mortgage. You only have to think of turn to turn. – Jason D. 

I ski because it takes all my worries away and becomes my happy place. On the mountain, my problems are reduced to staying warm, deciding which lift or trail to take, and when to break for lunch or hot chocolate. Those are the best kind of problems. – Kristen H. 

I ride because when I ride down a mountain, I feel like I am leaving my past mistakes and failures behind and grasping wholeheartedly to my future ahead! – April S. 

As a former ballerina, skiing down a mountain makes me feel like I’m dancing again. – Gayle C. 

And finally, one of my favorite Snowpapas, J.D., wrote a post about why he skis. It was a brilliant article that really captures why we ski.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me in the comments, why do you ski or ride? I look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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4 responses to “Why We Ski and Snowboard”

  1. Doris says:

    I ski because its really fun and aWesome!! you feel free,.

  2. Sean Rington says:

    I snowboard because it’s one of the only sports that I can do in the wintertime!

  3. Overall you really can’t go wrong with either! They are both great fun. Solid read thanks for sharing.

  4. Aribert Heim says:

    Great though you guys have share over there i really like this because Keeping yourself oriented towards your goal and maintaining confidence is imperative.Bad decisions are made from weak minds..

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