It’s hard to believe we’ve been delivering deals on the slopes for more than five years. We decided to take look back through our data trove and look at savings trends over time to give you some insight into the best times and locations to find deals on the slopes.

Plan Ahead. Sure you can walk up to a lift ticket window on just about any day, but if you plan ahead, you’re more likely to reap greater savings.  While we offer deals up to 80% off regular prices, our average savings is 33% for those who buy at least 14 days in advance.  Wait until within that two-week window, and your savings will likely drop; in fact, average savings drops 6 points to 27% savings if you purchase within 14 days.

Go Early/Late in Season.

It’s no surprise the peak months of January – March offer lower savings than what we typically see in November, December and into April. If you want the best deals, consider planning your mountain getaway post Thanksgiving (Note: you can also find great savings on airfare and lodging during the time period between Thanksgiving and mid-December).  Below highlights typical savings we see on Liftopia during the season.

Go Midweek

We all know mid-week deals abound, but which days are best?  Turns out Tuesday (31% savings) and Wednesday (32% savings) are slightly better than Mondays or Thursdays (30% savings) and considerably better than Friday (27% savings) and Saturday (26% savings).

Try Different Mountains

With more than 150 mountain resorts offering deals through Liftopia, we have a great vantage to see where the best regions are for savings.  Turns out Lake Tahoe and other California resorts tend to offer more savings, averaging about 40% off of walk-up window rates.  That said, there are still considerable savings coming from other regions. For example, Utah resorts average 30% savings while New England offers 28% savings and Colorado offers 24% off.  Complete list of regions and average seasonal savings is below:


Hit the Slopes on Off Peak Days

You might not always find the best deals on busy weekends such as President’s Day or Martin Luther King Day, but visiting the mountains during less busy time enables you to save much more!  Think about the weekend immediately following President’s Day or Martin Luther King Day. Switching up weekends and even days can make a big difference. Liftopia customers who skied on Christmas Day saved an average of 35%, while the average savings on December 26th is 24.5%.  Not a football fan? Super Bowl Sunday offers the best prices of the year.

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