I call it “Lake Tahoe of The East.” The views from Gunstock Mountain Resort of Lake Winnipesaukee (ok – Tahoe is easier to say) and New Hampshire’s majestic White Mountains are extraordinary. I have loved skiing Gunstock since my first turns here as a kid. We hiked here in summer too,  though I always preferred lift service and speedy descents. So imagine my glee when Gunstock installed a Zipline from the panoramic summit all the way to the base.  I knew the zip would be incredibly scenic. What I did not anticipate was the rush at 65mph!

The view from the stop of Gunstock is majestic.

Photo by Greg Burke

I have zipped around – every ski resort worth their trail count has zip cables and canopy tours.  Gunstock’s is #1 in my book – the longest zip line tour on the Continental U.S. with a 1.5 mile total span descending the full 1,400’ vertical on three wild wires – 8,514′ of suspended fun.

Zipping down the hill at Gunstock.

Photo by Greg Burke

After suiting up in harness and backpack and signing my life away, my Adventure Park Guide takes me to the Bunny Hill to learn to use the trolley brake on the short, tame Wonder Zip. I immediately love the concept of controlling my own speed. You can take it slow and scenic, or pull the trolley wide open for speed. After orientation, I am cleared for lift off, and ride the Panorama Quad to Gunstock’s spectacular summit, wearing hiking boots instead of the usual ski boots and skis.

At the top of the gunstock zipline.

Photo by Greg Burke

At the top of the Summit Zip, I marvel at Mount Washington- the highest peak on the Eastern Seaboard at 6,289′ beyond the sparkling blue Lake Winnipesaukee. I should mention zip lining here is not for the acrophobic, the platforms, spiral stairs and suspended cables soar 155’ above terra firma. The first Panorama Zip is short and sweet, 273’. The next Recoil Zip spans a 3,981’ valley to Pistol Peak.  The whir of the cable gets louder as I accelerate, I feel like a pterodactyl as I screech over ski trails, treetops and granite boulders.  I imagine how wild it would be in winter with skiers beneath. It’s a tandem zip, so you can brake along the way, snap photos of your friend beside you, or in my case – make it a race, tuck up cannonball style and release the trolley brake for full steam. I suspect this is where my iPhone ski app clocked 64.9 mph and I may have screamed.

End of the zipline at Gunstock.

Photo by Greg Burke

Staring down at the final zip from the Pistol platform, I don’t want the fun to end.  But the best is saved for last, I fly down The Pistol Zip’s 3,804’ over Gunstock’s Terrain Park, over my car in the parking lot, and across the snowmaking pond to a lofty pine deck.  I immediately want a do-over, perhaps a more mellow scenic approach, or more likely another adrenaline amped descent.

Ziplining at Gunstock rivals the thrill of a great ski run with gorgeous scenery to boot, I recommend it to stave off ski withdrawal in summer. Gunstock’s ZipTour takes about 2.5 hours, and costs $75, for ages 10 and up. Warning: Gunstock’s alpine zipline could prove addictive.

What are some of your favorite spots to zipline? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Ziplining at Gunstock Mountain”

  1. Stephen Berei says:

    My sister used to ski this mountain when she lived in NH. I never made it up there! I live in Lake Tahoe now and love the reference in the first sentence. If I make it back to NH, I’m going to make an effort to get to Gunstock! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stephanie Rodgers says:

    That sounds like a great time. My family was in West Virginia and we went on these zip line tours. They were a blast. I really recommend doing something like this if your ever in the West Virginia area. Thanks for the post.

  3. Robert Kane says:

    It is indeed an incredible scenic view doing zipline from the panoramic summit. But i’m little surprised that it went at a speed of 65 mph.

  4. Amazing pictures with a fun-filled adventure trip. Will definitely give it a try!

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