1. Chums Goggles Case

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

Considering that even pricey goggles generally come with just a cloth bag, the Chums Goggles Case ($25) is perfect for protecting your investment in a suitcase or boot bag. The hard case with a soft interior also has a mesh pocket for extra lenses. Virtually any brand will fit nicely in the universal case all the way up to large-format lens goggles such as the K2 PhotoAntic DLX ($90).

2. Skboot Wheeled Boot Bag

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

The rarity of wheeled ski- boot bags on the market is really surprising given ubiquitous wheeled regular luggage. Based in Park City, Utah, Skboot specializes in this practical niche of wheeled ski-boot bags. The bag ($130) comes in red and black.

3. Buff Houma

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

The Buff Houma Neckwarmer & Headliner ($40) combines a neckwarmer and balaclava. The neckwarmer portion is made of thick Polartec Themal pro fabric. The headliner part is much thinner breathable fabric called Thermo Fastwick that is ideal for wearing under a helmet. The headliner fabric tucks easily inside the back of the neckwarmer, so the wearer can use the neckwarmer alone on warmer days.

4. Injinji Snow Series Socks

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

Many runners may be familiar with Injinji toe-socks. The company has now entered the snow-sports market to keep those little piggies warm—individually. The logic goes that sweat-wicking is increased with separated toes, so feet stay warmer. The midweight Snow Series socks ($30) are made with NuWool Merino wool fibers.

5. G-Form Board & Ski Compression Shorts

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

G-Form makes protective gear for a variety of sports from motocross all the way to soccer shin guards. The padding is made of a material that feels like soft foam rubber. However, the material reacts instantly to a hard impact by temporarily stiffening and dissipating the energy. The PRO-G Board & Ski Compression Shorts ($160) feature this high-tech padding in the hip, side thigh, sit-bone and tailbone areas.

6. Kenu iPhone Leash

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

Yapping on the phone on a chairlift may still be frowned up, but smartphones and the accompanying ski-related apps have become almost standard gear. Endorsed by none other than gold-medalist Jonny Moseley, the Kenu Highline Security Leash and Protective Case ($30 for iPhone 6/6S) prevents the dreaded iPhone drop from the chairlift. The company also has models for iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S.

7. Cape Productions Drone Video

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

Ski resorts have started restricting drone use for visitors. Safety concerns have turned it over to the professionals. Cape Productions has signed agreements to shoot video with drones at resorts such as Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Powder Mountain, Squaw Valley, Homewood and Fernie. For $100 to $200 depending on the resort, guests can buy a video package of three runs shot by the drone. The final product is a 90-second to 2-minute edited highlight video. The cost is per video, so groups—as long as they ski or board down fairly close together—can split the cost and star in their own little ski movie.

8. Liftopia Lift Tickets

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders

Okay, this one may be a shameless plug. But then again, what could be a better gift than actual skiing? With hundreds of North American resorts to choose from, you can purchase a date-specific lift ticket and/or load up a gift card for all those on your holiday shopping list.

Buying a date-specific lift ticket is perfect when you know which dates you’ll be up on the mountain (how about that trip you’ve already planned for in the next few months?). Don’t have plans yet? Get a Liftopia gift card, in any amount from $5 to $1000. With no extra fees or expiration dates, send the gift card digitally or print it out and your giftee can head to the snow on whatever date is right for them.


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